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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Tasks

This integration flow syncs Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers as other apps customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer refunds to other apps Commerce refunds

Microsoft Dynamics 365 items to other apps products

This integration flow syncs Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales invoices as other apps billings (orders with status paid).


Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales order cancellations to other app order cancellations

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I've been in the ecommerce field for 15+ years and I've never worked with an agency like Beehexa. These guys are ROCKSTARS!! Giap, Scarlett, Taitain, and the rest of the team are amazing to work with. They got the entire ERP project done on time and with highest quality possible. THANK YOU! Highly recommend. 20/10
First of all, it was quite challenging to find the right people who can help you with the integration of Zalando. On the internet I did not quickly find the right and inexpensive integrator. I soon came across Beehexa and had a number of meetings with Giap and his team. They helped and supported me well with the integration. It sometimes happened that I did not understand something, and then the Beehexa team was there to support me in this and to find the right answers to the question. It really is a great team!
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I have worked with Beehexa for 5 years… I have worked with BeeHexa for 5 years and the experience has been great. Their team is responsive and creative. Their integration solution has been able to help me solve several custom workflow scenarios with my clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s portfolio of cloud-based business applications designed to help organizations improve operational efficiency and reduce business complexity while controlling costs.

Unlike traditional software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a modular structure where you can choose the specific applications you need to meet your business requirements. So, to answer the question: is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a CRM or ERP? It’s both.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP is a common debate, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 is superior to SAP Business One as it is equipped with several features that provide scalability, flexibility, while reducing implementation costs and ownership, while bringing significant benefits to both startups and the largest enterprises.

Of course, Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies the capabilities of CRM business software and ERP systems by delivering intelligent applications that work seamlessly together in the cloud.
Microsoft dynamics 365 provides REST APIs to give developers the flexibility to further develop Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 API integration is quite a tricky and technologically complex process. It is hard to implement without months of investigation. Also, you must be ready for further maintenance and upgrade even after its development.

But, there is a solution that can help you to connect your B2B software with POS, eCommerce, Marketplace, Accounting,… easily. It’s HexaSync – a Hybrid Integration Platform that helps businesses automate their operations by connecting perfectly to Legacy systems and modern SaaS applications. HexaSync provides a great number of API methods for managing the data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can integrate with platforms like eCommerce, Marketplace, POS, Accounting,…
Microsoft Dynamics 365 API integration is one way we connect the two platforms, which can help your platform optimize efficiency and save more time in management.

With real-time, up-to-date information about customers, sales, and payments being transferred from one app to another app, they can work together to drive much better results.

The Hexasync not only reduces errors by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other business apps but has also unlocked truly valuable data in the process. Using HexaSync to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets us evaluate our ability based on the actual revenue you have driven.

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