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Top No-Code App Builders for eCommerce Startups in 2024

Getting your budding startup off the ground is both the hardest part you’ll have to face and your key to success in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. For entrepreneurs who want to launch their online stores without having to learn how to write code, no-code app builders are game changers. These platforms often offer a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you create a visually appealing eCommerce app that works as well as any other app built by a programmer in no time. Not only do they save you from hefty development costs, but they also allow you to customize your app to match your brand perfectly. 

Whether you’re looking to just sell products, provide custom services, or build a community around your brand, the right no-code app builder can help you make your vision a reality. In this article, we’ll explore the best no-code app builders that would be the most useful for eCommerce startups to help you choose the perfect tool to jumpstart your journey.

Jotform Apps

no-code app builder - Jotform Apps

Starting off our list is Jotform Apps, a no-code app builder you can use to create an eCommerce store, a customer feedback collection app, or an internal platform for your startup team. It’s a feature-packed tool that allows you to add handy widgets, forms, documents, and payment options by dragging and dropping them into place. Users can pick from one of the hundreds of templates and customize them, or use the intuitive editor to build an app from scratch.  What Jotform shines in is the variety of analytics and data management tools it provides, and it allows you to keep track of your inventory, build automated workflows for your team, and manage contracts with one of Jotform’s sub-products, Jotform Sign. The integration library is also extensive and you can connect your apps and workflows to your favorite third-party apps to boost your eCommerce operations.


no-code app builder - Adalo

Adalo stands out as one of the most flexible builders on our list, making it a great choice for eCommerce startups. The platform makes sure that companies of all sizes can start developing their eCommerce apps by offering unlimited test apps, and by providing reasonable pricing packages, one of which is free. Users can choose from pre-built templates and personalize their app with their branding and unique fonts, icons, logos, and color schemes. Its drag-and-drop user interface makes designing simple, but because it requires a little bit of external database and API knowledge for complex apps, there is a learning curve. Adalo is also a solid choice in that it can transform your design into PWAs, web apps, and native apps; and save you the trouble of selecting a publishing platform. You also have the option to release your app on the Apple and Google app stores.


no-code app builder - GoodBarber

For eCommerce firms looking to have their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on hand as soon as possible, GoodBarber is a good option. GoodBarber offers a ton of features, which include push notifications, chat, social networking, and the ability to integrate with popular eCommerce and video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, and Shopify. It also makes it simple to develop apps that can present reliable user experiences. GoodBarber also entered the specialized eCommerce app development market with the launch of a “Shopping App” solution. While there are certain restrictions on customization, the support system as well as the resources for help could be improved. With this new product, organizations can construct complex iOS, Android, and web apps optimized for sales conversions, making it competitive with the finest on the market today. 

Appy Pie

no-code app builders - Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a tool that’s especially friendly for beginners and small to medium-sized businesses looking to get into the eCommerce space. With the option to start for free and choose plans as your business grows, Appy Pie allows eCommerce startups to create powerful mobile apps that can be downloaded by both Android and (with the Platinum plan) iOS users. It offers features like in-app purchases, shopping carts, advertisements, and integrations with other services. You can use push alerts to keep customers interested in your eCommerce apps, personalize them to match your brand from the design to the features and remove the Appy Pie branding for a true white-label app with the Enterprise plan. Additionally, the platform offers useful analytics that can be used to improve your overall performance. Despite its simplicity, Appy Pie doesn’t skimp on support either and offers tutorials and live chat help to assist users through the different parts of the app-building process. Appy Pie apps tend to look similar to each other, but overall, it is a good choice for startups.


no-code app builder - Glide

Glide can take your existing data and turn it into useful apps for your team by integrating with Google Sheets or other databases. It offers easy maintenance and management options for your data with its user-friendly interface, which is especially helpful for businesses handling inventory or customer data. Glide essentially allows startups to create internal tools and platforms that can work for their functional requirements but also aesthetically match their unique brand identity, thanks to the customizable settings and templates you can use. Despite its limitations in supporting extremely complex features, its strengths in building simple directories, databases, and marketplaces can be helpful to eCommerce startups in their early phases. Users often wish for a more accessible live support system, though the strong Glide community offers additional help. In short, Glide helps eCommerce startups quickly launch data-driven mobile and web apps that work fast and are easy to adapt to.


no-code app builder - Shoutem

One of the builders that excels at combining design elegance with functionality is Shoutem, a good match for eCommerce startups looking to create both aesthetically pleasing and feature-rich apps. Users can build unique apps that reflect their company’s brand identity with Shoutem’s intuitive editor and wide range of customization options. Shoutem also provides analytics and content management tools, which can come in handy for startups when trying to track app performance and analyze user engagement. You’ll be able to offer an enjoyable online shopping experience for your customers thanks to its integration with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, as well as its other features like social network integrations and push notifications. It also comes with multiple options for monetization, like local business marketing and mobile advertising. You can publish your apps immediately on major app stores (and take advantage of a 14-day free trial to get started!). Users have generally expressed that Shoutem’s customer support could be improved, but in general, it offers eCommerce businesses a comprehensive solution for developing, launching, and scaling mobile apps. 

Wrapping up

For any eCommerce firm trying to find its spot in the online market by creating a no-code app, selecting the best builder will be an important step in the process. These platforms provide a helping hand when you’re starting and growing a company without in-depth technical skills or the budget to hire a developer, so you can spend more time honing your product offerings and focusing on improving user experience (rather than being bogged down by coding issues) just by harnessing the power of these handy tools.

Each platform we’ve just covered has advantages of its own, tailored to meet different requirements and preferences, whether that be internal tools or a shopping app. We hope this guide helps you select the perfect no-code app builder that aligns with your startup’s goals, and brings your vision to life. Stay tuned to Beehexa for more eCommerce tips and tricks; and happy building!

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