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How to sync your invoicing process? Comprehensive Guide 2024

Manual invoicing and invoice management make them look like a mess. It takes just 1 minute to create an invoice, but you have to take a couple of hours to find their history or generate a report of the period. Syncing your invoicing process is essential for efficient business management. In this guide, we’ll show you what invoice integration is and how to sync your invoicing system with HexaSync.

What is invoicing process automation?

Invoicing integration connects your invoicing software with other business systems, such as POS, CRM, ERP, and inventory management. This setup automates billing, reduces manual data entry, and minimizes errors, enhancing efficiency and providing real-time financial insights for informed decision-making.

Once connected, the accounting software automates the flow of data between systems, for example, transferring details from a CRM to generate invoices automatically or updating accounting records when a payment is processed. This connection automates data transfer, eliminates manual entry, and reduces errors, speeding up the billing cycle and ensuring accurate financial records across platforms.

Some invoice integration processes:

Why do businesses need to integrate the invoicing process?

By syncing invoicing processes, businesses can achieve greater operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, all of which contribute to a more robust bottom line.

  • Efficiency and time savings: Syncing your invoicing process cuts down on manual data entry and speeds up invoice creation, freeing up staff to focus on higher-value tasks and reducing operational costs.
  • Accuracy and reduced errors: Automated data transfer between integrated systems minimizes human errors in invoicing, ensuring accuracy and consistency across financial records.
  • Improved cash flow: Efficient invoicing leads to faster payments and improved cash flow management, essential for stable business operations and growth planning.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Prompt and accurate billing enhances customer trust and satisfaction, fosters better relationships, and increases loyalty
  • Better financial insights: Integrated invoicing systems offer detailed financial data and insights, enabling effective tracking, analysis, and informed decision-making for strategic financial management.

How to sync your invoicing process with HexaSync?

HexaSync is a global integration platform supporting businesses to connect and transfer data between multiple systems, software, or applications to streamline operations. By registering a HexaSync account, you can sync your invoicing process with other business systems via APIs and access tokens without any technology knowledge. To detail the flow of syncing your billing or invoicing process, let’s refer to the example step-by-step below.

Register the HexaSync profiles

Step 1: Create a HexaSync Account using your email address

the HexaSync profiles
  • Sign up for an account by entering your email address → Login. (Or you can also sign up with Microsoft or Google).
  • Fill in the information, including your name and company name.
the HexaSync profiles
  • OTP code will be sent via email. Copy that OTP codeSubmit.
the HexaSync profiles

So, you have successfully registered an account on HexaSync.

Step 2: Creating a HexaSync Profile 

  • To create a new profile, click the (+) button.
HexaSync Profile 
  • Choose the Source System and Destination System according to your requirements.
Choose the Source System and Destination System
  • Click Next, and you have successfully created a HexaSync Profile.
created a HexaSync Profile.

Note: If you need multiple HexaSync profiles, repeat the same steps.

Step 3: Share the profile with the HexaSync team

  • Select the HexaSync Profile you want to share.
  • Invite HexaSync’s team via email at [email protected] to manage your integration, following the instructions in the image below.
Share the profile with the HexaSync team

Sync your bill and invoice

In this section, let’s refer to the order sync between TikTok Shop & Ecwid to see how HexaSync syncs your invoicing process.

Step1: Create an order on TikTok Shop

  • Go to Seller Center Development ShopsCreate test order.
Go to Seller Center Development Shops → Create test order.
  • Fill out all the order informationCreate test order.
Fill out all the order information → Create test order.
  • You have successfully created a new order.
You have successfully created a new order.

Step 2: Go to the HexaSync integration profile to check the data

  • On the HexaSync dashboard, you will see all the tasks for which you can sync your data between two systems.
HexaSync dashboard
  • Choose the Sales Order task to check the data.
Choose the Sales Order task to check the data.
  • Copy the order number on  Tiktok Shop and enter the Source ID.
Copy the order number on  Tiktok Shop and enter the Source ID.
  • If you see the value information in the Destination ID column, it means that your billing has been synced in real-time → Copy it.
billing has been synced in real-time

Step 3: Check data on the Ecwid

  • On the Ecwid dashboardMy Sales → Search for the Destination ID code (YYZTN)
Check data on the Ecwid
  • You can see that it only takes a few seconds to sync your billing from TikTok Shop to Ecwid.

Let’s imagine that you’re selling over 1,000 deals in a month. Automating the invoicing process ensures efficient, accurate handling of high transaction volumes, drastically reduces the likelihood of errors, and speeds up the billing cycle. By integrating invoices, enterprises can focus more on core activities and customer engagement, boosting operational stability and fostering sustainable growth.

Tips for improving the invoicing management process

To enhance your invoicing management, start by adopting an automation platform. It not only streamlines the billing process but also minimizes errors and accelerates payment collection. Implement standardized invoice templates to maintain consistency and professionalism across all transactions. Clearly defined and communicated payment terms help prevent delays and ensure transparency, so make sure these are established upfront.

Additionally, incorporating various digital payment options can make it easier for clients to settle their invoices promptly. Regularly send automated reminders for outstanding invoices to maintain a healthy cash flow and minimize overdue payments. Keep your invoicing records organized and easily accessible using cloud-based systems, which also ensure data is securely backed up. Regularly review and adjust your invoicing processes based on client feedback and payment patterns to continuously improve efficiency and client satisfaction.


Syncing your invoicing process is crucial for maintaining efficient, error-free business operations. By utilizing automation, standardizing invoices, and offering multiple payment options, you enhance both efficiency and client satisfaction. Regular updates and maintenance further ensure that your system remains robust and responsive. If you need to sync your order, bill, or any invoice between multiple systems, feel free to contact us.

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