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How To Add Power BI Drill Through in 2024

Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that allows users to create interactive and detailed reports. One of the features that enhance its interactivity is the drill through functionality. Power BI drill through enables users to navigate from one report to a detailed page focused on a specific data point. This feature is useful for detailed analysis, offering an easy way to explore data at different levels of detail.

This blog will guide you through the steps to add drill through to your Power BI reports in 2024.

What is Power BI Drill Through?

If you are not familiar with Power BI, please read What is Power BI before proceeding.

Power BI Drill Through

Drill through in Power BI is a feature that allows users to navigate from one report to a more detailed report page focused on a specific data point. For instance, a user can click on a sales summary for a particular region and be taken to a detailed sales report for that region. 

This functionality enhances the interactivity and depth of reports by enabling users to explore data at various levels of granularity.

Download Practice File

Open this link for Power BI Drill Through Sample. Then select Download to download the Drill Through Sample.pbix file to your computer. This visual is on the Returns page of the report.

Download Answer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Drill Through in Power BI

After downloading the practice file from the previous step, follow these detailed instructions to Create a Power BI drill through.

1. Prepare Your Data

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Before setting up Power BI drill through, ensure your data model is properly organized. The tables should be related correctly, and the fields you want to use for drill through should be included in your data model.

  • Relationships: Verify that the tables in your data model have the necessary relationships set up.
  • Fields: Ensure the fields you want to drill through on are available and properly formatted.

2. Create the Destination Page

The destination page is where users will land when they use the drill-through feature.

Add a New Page: Click on the ‘+‘ icon at the bottom of Power BI to add a new report page.

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Design Your Page: Design this page to display detailed information. For instance, if you’re drilling through from a sales summary to detailed sales data, add visuals like tables, charts, or KPIs that provide in-depth insights about sales

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3. Add Drill Through Filters

Now let’s start adding drill through to your report.

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4. Add a Back Button

It’s good practice to add a back button, allowing users to easily return to the previous page.

Insert a Button: Go to the “Insert” tab, and select “Button.”

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Choose a Button Type: Choose a button type, such as an arrow or a simple rectangle.

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Set Button Action: With the button selected, go to the “Action” pane, toggle the action switch to “On,” and select “Back” as the type of action.

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Style the Button: Customize the button’s appearance to fit the design of your report.

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5. Set Up the Source Page

The source page is where users will initiate the drill-through action.

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  • Select the Visual: On the source page, select the visual from which you want to enable drill through.
  • Enable Drill Through: Right-click on a data point in the visual. If the drill-through is set up correctly, you will see the drill-through option in the context menu.

7. Test Your Power BI Drill Through

It’s crucial to test the drill-through functionality to ensure it works as expected.

  • Right-Click and Drill Through: Right-click on a data point in your source visual, and choose the drill-through option. Verify that it navigates to the detailed report page with the correct context applied.
  • Check the Back Button: If you added a back button, click it to ensure it returns you to the source page.


Drill through is a powerful feature in Power BI that enhances report interactivity and provides users with detailed insights effortlessly. By following the steps outlined above, you can add drill through to your Power BI reports, making your data exploration more dynamic and intuitive. Whether you’re drilling down into sales data, customer demographics, or any other data point, this feature ensures you can provide detailed and focused analysis at your fingertips.

By implementing Power BI drill through, you can significantly improve the usability and depth of your reports, making them more valuable for your audience. 

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