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Connecting data between Lightspeed retail (x-series)  with ECOMMERCE, ERP, CRM, ACCOUNTING, and MARKETPLACES systems takes a lot of time, and money and involves spending numerous resources. Streamline your Lightspeed retail (x-series) operations with our fully managed middleware platform. Our HexaSync stays between Lightspeed retail (x-series) and any other systems that help automate the data-sharing process and reduce the possibility of human error so that your company could focus on effectiveness and revenue.

Through HexaSync, businesses save a lot of time and resources as business processes run seamlessly and efficiently:

  • Faster and more accurate customer management process
  • Automated inventory management
  • Sales process updated and automated in real time
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Automation from the simplest things. Your job is to focus on important work let HexaSync take care of the rest.

the key important flows of Lightspeed retail (x-series)
and System integrations

Lightspeed retail (x-series)  API integration significantly improves efficiency 
Inventory, orders, and customer data are all integrated between key business systems.
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Automation with Lightspeed retail (x-series) workflow

People say that data integration is complex but our product is designed to eliminate all these hurdles in the shortest time by adopting agile development process inside of their builtin features



We enable some simple configurations steps to access your data source and destination to review all the necessary data like products, customers and orders.



Try to sync a single data point like to creating a new product, updating its stock or creating a new customer to see how the system work.



Turn the runtime service to enable real-time data sync then monitor the data flow between the Lightspeed POS and other platforms.





Turn team members into Automation champions

“Four years ago when I found an extension on the Magento Market from Beehexa, I didn’t realize how lucky I was about to become. The extension worked great out of the box, but I needed some support to customize the features. Since then the Beehexa team has provided my company with full time, certified Magento resources to handle all of the online growth for my clients. They have also allowed me to create an additional revenue stream as a VAR for the HexaSync Integration Platform to connect our client’s eCommerce sites to their ERP systems. I cannot fully articulate how thankful I am for all of their help!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Lightspeed Retail (X-Series), formerly known as Vend, is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and retail management software designed for retailers. It’s part of the broader suite of products offered by Lightspeed, a company specializing in software, solutions, and support systems for retailers and restaurateurs. The X-Series platform is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of retail businesses, offering a range of features that streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and improve sales.

Integrating with Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) offers numerous benefits to retail businesses, enhancing efficiency, improving customer experiences, and providing valuable insights for growth and strategic decision-making.

The Hexasync not only reduces errors by integrating Lightspeed Retail (X-Series)with other business apps but has also unlocked truly valuable data in the process. Using HexaSync to integrate Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) lets us evaluate our ability based on the actual revenue you have driven.

Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) API integration means the process of tying any SaaS application with this POS System. It is vital for those software providers who want to propose their services to online retailers who use Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) to manage goods.

Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) API integration is quite tricky and a technologically complex process. It is hard to implement without months of investigation. Also, even after its development, you must be ready for its further maintenance and upgrade.

But, there is a solution that can help you to connect your B2B software with POS easily. It’s HexaSync –  a Hybrid Integration Platform that helps businesses automate their operations by connecting perfectly to both Legacy systems and modern SaaS applications. HexaSync provides a great number of API methods for managing the data. 

Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) offers a versatile and robust integration ecosystem, designed to enhance its functionality and adapt to the diverse needs of retail businesses. These integrations span various categories, including e-commerce platforms, payment processing, accounting software, marketing tools, and more. Here’s an overview of the types of integrations available:
E-Commerce Platforms
– Shopify
– WooCommerce
– BigCommerce
Payment Processing
– Square
– PayPal
– Stripe
Accounting Software
– QuickBooks
– Xero
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
– Mailchimp
– HubSpot
Marketing Tools
– Google Analytics
– Facebook Pixel
Inventory Management
– Stocky
– Orderhive


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