create warehouse with magento api

Magento 2 API How to create a warehouse

The warehouse is the place where you store your products physically. In Magento, you can create both physical and virtual sources for your inventory. Using Magento API to create warehouses and manage them with ease. Once you have created a warehouse, it can only be modified, disabled, but can not be deleted.

Create a warehouse

While creating a new warehouse, this information will be needed:

  • name
  • source_code
  • country id
  • postcode
  • latitude
  • longitude

And other address-related attributes for Distance Priority Source Selection Algorithm (SSA) to calculate the distance between the source and the shipping address. Moreover, the value assigned to source_code cannot be changed.


POST <host>/rest/default/V1/inventory/sources

Authorization: Admin – Bearer token


{ "source" : { "name" : "Northeast Warehouse", "source_code" : "ne_wh", "postcode" : "07306", "enabled" : true, "contact_name" : "Ethan Carter", "country_id" : "US", "street": "645 Newark Ave.", "city" : "Jersey City", "region_id": 41, "region": "New Jersey", "latitude": 40.733790, "longitude": -74.058720 } }
Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

To create a pickup location using this sample:

{ "source" : { "name" : "Brooklyn Store", "source_code" : "brooklyn", "postcode" : "11211", "enabled" : true, "contact_name" : "Tai Hozie", "country_id" : "US", "street": "263 S 4th St", "city" : "Brooklyn", "region_id": 43, "region": "New York", "latitude": 40.710070, "longitude": -73.957160, "phone": "555 737-8088", "extension_attributes": { "is_pickup_location_active": true, "frontend_name": "Brooklyn (Williamsburg) Store", "frontend_description": "Williamsburg, Brooklyn" } } }
Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

For virtual and downloadable product use this sample:

{ "source" : { "name" : "HQ", "source_code" : "hq", "postcode" : "10022", "enabled" : true, "contact_name" : "Francine Helen", "country_id" : "US", "street": "909 3rd Ave", "city" : "New York", "region_id": 43, "region": "New York", "latitude": 40.7571, "longitude": -73.9657 } }
Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)


Magento returns an empty array.

create warehouse with magento api

Verify the result

Log in to your Magento admin and view all the warehouses/sources you have created. Go to Stores > Inventory > Sources.

view warehouse in admin

I have shown you how to create a simple warehouse with Magento API. You can apply this to create brick-and-mortar stores, distribution centers, and drop shippers as well. Check how to create an integration with Magento here. If you have any questions please leave a comment in the section below, or refer to Magento DevDocs.

create warehouse with magento api

Magento 2 API How to create a warehouse

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