Magento 2 API Bulk Transfer Products

Magento 2 API Bulk Transfer Products

Today I will show you how to partially transfer the product from one source to another using Magento API.

If The Northeast warehouse is out of stock of Gaiam Body Balance Ball Kit, this post I will partially transfer stocks from the West warehouse to the Northeast warehouse.

Step 1: Generate Admin Access Token

Endpoint: POST <host>/rest/V1/integration/admin/token

Enter your admin username and password in Body sections, then click Send.

  "username": "string",
  "password": "string"

Response: access token

Step 2: Partially Transfer The Product

Create a new request and enter the admin access token

Authorization: Bearer token

Endpoint: POST <host>/rest/default/V1/inventory/bulk-partial-source-transfer

Scope: Default store view


  "originSourceCode": "west_wh",
  "destinationSourceCode": "ne_wh",
  "items": [
      "sku": "CONBALBALL",
      "qty": 5


An empty array.


Step 3: Verify The Result 

In Admin, click Catalog > Products and look at Quantities per source column.

Magento 2 API Bulk Transfer Products

I have shown you how to partially transfer products from West warehouse to Northeast Warehouse using Magento API. For more information, please refer to Magento DevDocs. If you have any questions or new ideas, feel free to leave a comment below.

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