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Top 7 QuickBooks Alternatives for 2024: Best Accounting Software Options

The global accounting software market was valued at USD 14,183.89 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.73% during the forecast period, reaching USD 20,962.99 million by 2028. The accounting software market is highly competitive, and many businesses face the challenge of finding a system that suits their needs. In a previous article about “What is QuickBooks”, we highlighted the optimal features of this system. However, to diversify and optimize decision-making, this article will provide objective reviews of alternative systems to QuickBooks currently available on the market.


– Definition: Xero is a cloud-based accounting software offering a range of accounting tools for small and medium-sized businesses.
– Target: Small to medium-sized businesses.
– Market share: 5-10% globally, with higher penetration in Australia and New Zealand where it is a market leader
– User traffic: Millions of users globally with substantial web traffic.

Robust Features: Comprehensive accounting tools including invoicing, bank reconciliation, and expense trackingInvoice/Bill Limits: Lower-tier plans limit the number of invoices and bills, which can be restrictive for larger businesses
Unlimited Users: No additional cost for adding users, which is advantageous for growing businessesPayroll Integration: Does not support QuickBooks Payroll integration, which can be a drawback for some businesses
Integrations: Seamless integration with a wide range of third-party apps.
User Interface: Intuitive and user-friendly design.

Zoho Books

– Definition: Zoho Books is a comprehensive accounting software that integrates well with other Zoho applications.
– Target: Best for small businesses and startups.
– Market share: Around 2% globally, with a growing presence in the small business sector.
– User traffic: High traffic, particularly from businesses using the Zoho suite.
– Country: Popular in the United States, India, and other countries with businesses already using Zoho products.

Affordable: Offers a free plan for businesses with annual revenue under $50,000 and competitively priced paid plans Complex Navigation: Can be difficult to navigate for new users due to its extensive features
Feature-Rich: Includes comprehensive features such as invoicing, expense tracking, and robust mobile appsCustomer Support: Limited support for free plan users, requiring an upgrade for comprehensive support options
Integration: Strong integration with other Zoho applications, enhancing overall functionality.


– Definition: Wave is a free accounting software offering essential financial tools like invoicing and expense tracking.
– Target: freelancers and small businesses.
– Market share: Approximately 4% globally, popular due to its free offering.
– User traffic: Considerable traffic from small businesses and startups.
– Country: Mainly used in the United States and Canada.

Free: No cost for basic features, making it very budget-friendlyLimited Advanced Features: Lacks more advanced features such as inventory management and advanced reporting
Easy to Use: Simple and intuitive interface suitable for users without accounting experience. Customer Support: No dedicated support for free users, which can be a drawback for businesses needing assistance
Basic Features: Includes essential accounting tools like invoicing, expense tracking, and income management


– Definition: FreshBooks is an accounting software designed for small businesses, particularly freelancers and self-employed professionals.
– Target: Strong market share in the freelance and small business sectors.
– Market share: Around 6% globally, with strong presence in the freelance and small business sectors
– User traffic: High traffic with many freelancers and small businesses.
– Country: Mainly used in the United States and Canada.

User-Friendly: Intuitive and easy to navigate, ideal for users with minimal accounting knowledgeCost: Higher cost for more extensive plans, which may be prohibitive for some small businesses
Excellent Customer Service: Known for responsive and helpful customer supportLimited Advanced Features: May lack some advanced features needed by larger businesses
Invoicing Features: Robust invoicing capabilities, including the ability to send unlimited estimates and proposals

Sage 50cloud

– Definition: Sage 50cloud combines desktop software with cloud capabilities for detailed accounting.
– Target: Best for established small and medium-sized businesses.
– Market share: Approximately 7% globally, significant among established businesses.
– User traffic: Consistent traffic from established businesses.
– Country: Widely used in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Robust Features: Comprehensive accounting tools including inventory management, job costing, and multiple company supportMore expensive than many other options, which can be a barrier for smaller businesses
Cloud Connectivity: Combines the robustness of desktop software with the convenience of cloud access Complexity: Can be complex for new users, requiring a learning curve


– Definition: GnuCash is a free, open-source accounting software that offers comprehensive financial planning tools.
– Target: Best for technically inclined users.
– Market share: Less than 1% globally, popular in the open-source community.
– User traffic: Moderate traffic from users seeking free accounting solutions.
– Country: Used globally, especially by users comfortable with open-source software

Free: No cost, making it highly accessible for small businesses and individualsSteep Learning Curve: Requires understanding of accounting principles and can be complex to use
Comprehensive Features: Includes double-entry bookkeeping, budgeting, and financial reportingUser Interface: Less modern and user-friendly compared to commercial software
Open Source: Open-source nature allows for customization and community support


– Definition: NetSuite is a scalable ERP solution offering advanced accounting and financial management features.
– Target: Ideal for medium to large businesses.
– Market share: NetSuite holds approximately 6% of the global ERP software market
– User traffic: High traffic from medium to large businesses.
– Country: Used globally, with a strong presence in the United States.

Highly Customizable: Can be tailored to meet specific business needsCost: Expensive and pricing is not transparent, requiring a consultation for a quote
Comprehensive Features: Offers extensive features including revenue recognition, advanced billing, and financial reportingImplementation: Can be complex to implement and requires support from NetSuite’s team
Scalability: Suitable for growing businesses with complex needs

QuickBooks Alternative: Pricing

Compare QuickBooks Alternative

SoftwarePricing (Per Month)Payroll IntegrationTime Tracking IntegrationNotes
QuickBooks$25 – $180Available ($45+/month)Available ($10/month)Extensive features for small to large businesses​ (NerdWallet: Finance smarter)​​ (Digital Trends)​​ (Netsuite)​
Xero$13 – $70Limited (3rd party apps)Basic time trackingBetter for small to medium-sized businesses​ (Fit Small Business)​​ (​
Zoho Books$15 – $240Limited (3rd party apps)Basic time trackingBest for small businesses using Zoho suite​ (Business News Daily)​​ (​
WaveFreeAvailable ($20-$35/month)No native featureBest for freelancers and small startups, very budget-friendly​ (Small Business Computing)​​ (Synder)​
FreshBooks$15 – $50Available ($20/month)Available ($10/month)Ideal for freelancers and small businesses​ (Tipalti)​​ (Small Business Computing)​
Sage 50cloud$50 – $300Available ($49.95/month)Available (3rd party apps)Suitable for established small to medium-sized businesses​ (NerdWallet: Finance smarter)​​ (Software Connect)​​ (Fundera)​
GnuCashFreeNo native integrationNo native featureOpen-source, best for technically inclined users​ (Bench Accounting)​​ (Synder)​
NetSuiteCustom pricingAvailable (contact sales)Available (contact sales)Best for medium to large businesses with complex needs​ (Digital Trends)​​ (Netsuite)

Compare QuickBooks Invoicing

SoftwarePricing (Per Month)Invoicing FeaturesAdditional Notes
QuickBooks$25 – $180Comprehensive invoicing tools, customizable templates, recurring invoices, payment remindersExtensive features suitable for a wide range of business sizes
FreshBooks$15 – $50Unlimited invoicing, customizable templates, recurring invoices, late payment remindersIdeal for freelancers and small businesses​ (Tipalti)​​ (Small Business Computing)​
Zoho InvoiceFreeCustomizable templates, multi-currency invoicing, payment reminders, recurring invoicesBest for small businesses and freelancers using Zoho apps​ (Business News Daily)​​ (​
WaveFreeUnlimited invoicing, customizable templates, recurring billing, automatic payment remindersBest for freelancers and small startups, very budget-friendly​ (Small Business Computing)​​ (Synder)​
Xero$13 – $70Customizable templates, multi-currency invoicing, recurring invoices, payment remindersBetter for small to medium-sized businesses​ (Fit Small Business)​​ (​
Invoice NinjaFree – $14Customizable templates, recurring invoices, payment reminders, multi-currency supportOpen-source option, good for small businesses and freelancers​ (Synder)​
Zoho Books$15 – $240Comprehensive invoicing tools, customizable templates, multi-currency invoicing, recurring invoicesBest for small businesses using the Zoho suite​ (Business News Daily)​​ (​
Sage 50cloud$50 – $300Customizable invoices, payment reminders, recurring invoices, multi-currency invoicingSuitable for established small to medium-sized businesses​ (NerdWallet: Finance smarter)​​ (Software Connect)​​ (Fundera)​
Square InvoicesFreeCustomizable templates, recurring invoices, multi-currency support, payment remindersGood for businesses already using Square for payments​ (Synder)

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