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Shopware Introduction 2021 – Everything You Need To Know About Shopware

Shopware Reviews 2024 – Complete Guide for Beginners

You want to open an online store and are debating which eCommerce platform is best for you. Finding good eCommerce software is not easy because of the characteristics of each platform. There are many options for you such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, which have variable features and tools to meet your unique needs. Besides those, we will take a look at Shopware reviews, one of the best eCommerce platforms for small and medium businesses. It manages more than 45.425 live websites with a market share of 0.11% 

What is Shopware & Shopware 6?


Shopware is an enterprise-level eCommerce platform that offers cutting-edge, highly adaptable eCommerce solutions for innovative and extremely high-performing shop systems and creates outstanding customer experiences. Having grown to market-leading status in its native Germany, Shopware Saas is now starting to enter new European territories and is making big strides in the UK.

Shopware reviews

Shopware 6

The completely newly developed operating software is Shopware 6, a new eCommerce platform built from scratch with modern philosophy and architecture connecting business-level capabilities with flexibility.  Shopware 6 is an open-source eCommerce platform based on a quite current technology that allows sellers to conduct a shop in a short time.

Shopware 6

Shopware PWA

Shopware PWA is a new frontend built with the full potential for Shopware 6 headless API approach. The eCommerce teams can use it easily to provide unchallenged customer experiences with this feature.

How does Shopware work?

Shopware is a powerful and flexible application that can be used for building eCommerce experiences. It uses Symfony as the standard framework, supported in PHPStorm through the core feature and the Symfony Plugin. Keep in mind that, once you start working with Shopware, you have to install and enable the Symfony, PHP Annotations, and Shopware Plugin in advance. 

Shopware Pricing

Shopware suitable solutions for merchants at every step of the way and guarantee seamless growth opportunities. 

  • Starter Edition – Free of charge
  • Professional Edition  – €199.00 per month or buy once for €2.495.00
  • Enterprise Edition – €2,495.00 per month or buy once for €39.955.00
shopware price

Starter Edition


  • It’s a free option
  • Start risk-free with no minimum contract period
  • All-round carefree package
  • Quick setup for your online store
  • In compliance with GDPR & legally secure
  • No prior technical knowledge required
  • Unlimited number of products and orders for your store

Features & Extensions

  • Including your unique shop URL or use your existing domain
  • Integrated marketing & SEO tools
  • Seamless connection to other sales channels such as Google Shopping & Social networks
  • Integration of payment and shipping providers
  • Countless extensions in the Shopware store to customers your business

Starter Edition is an easy solution for eCommerce newcomers and ambitious startups.  

Professional Edition


  • Including all benefits of the Starter Edition
  • Use additional sales channels, marketplaces & social shopping
  • Grow internationally with the integration of multiple languages and currency options
  • Multishop functionality
  • Cloud and rental products can be canceled on a monthly basis

Features and Extensions

  • Easy set-up of enticing sale promotions
  • Effortless store design by drag & drop
  • Simple creation of vivid landing pages and category pages
  • Customization options for your products
  • Extended CMS functions
  • Apply analytic tools & reports
  • More than 4.000 supplementary apps & themes

Professional Edition is the best choice for the national and international eCommerce businesses, connected with extensive support service. 

Enterprise Edition


  • Including all benefits of the Professional Edition
  • Personal Key Account Manager
  • Hosting in high-performance clusters enabled
  • Multishop and multi-client capabilities

Features and Extensions

  • Functionalities for complex B2B business models
  • High-performance search function 
  • Extend CMS functionality, including Shopware Publisher
  • Unlimited staging environments

Enterprise Edition is suitable for complex business models and comprehensive eCommerce projects. Maximum scalability and highest performance including 24/7 support.

Shopware Plan

Shopware also provides several unlimited opportunities for growth with your Shopware Cloud store. There are three options

Free plan

  • It available for Starter Edition
  • Free of charge
  • The revenue sharing: 3% per order

Advanced plan

  • It available for Starter Edition
  • Price: €29.00 per month
  • The revenue sharing: 1.5% per order

Professional plan

  • It available for Professional Edition
  • Price: €199.00 per month
  • The Revenue sharing 0.5% per order
shopware plam

Shopware Highlight Features

Ease of use

One of the best features of this platform is its ease of use that allows you to create your online shop without the knowledge of web design or development. Shopware also gives sellers permission to define and optimize purchasing flows through the selection of various configurations. 

Customer streams

Shopware can help you manage automated recommendations for your customers adapting to their interests and tastes. It is conducted by automatically updating the dynamic product catalogs using flexible filter criteria. 

shopware Customer Streams

Product streams

To increase sales, Shopware provides a series of conditions that can be established for products appearing in the strategic areas of the online shop. This uses a system of dynamic filters in which, when you add a certain item, will appear automatically in certain key areas of the eCommerce.

shopware Product Streams

Shopware Store

This software offers variable Shopware Apps and Themes or Extensions designed by professional developers or Shopware enterprise partners. Those are reviewed thoroughly from source code before launching. Especially, it has over 4.000 extensions for your choice and is updated quickly.

shopware store

Cloud software

Moreover, you can host your online shop in each place with a high degree of security and without being restricted to any specific working hours.

shopware Cloud Software

Search engine optimization

With SEO Shopware, you can integrate quality content with the eCommerce options, as the platform prioritizes search-engine optimization to assure a greater degree of visibility for your online business. It also includes integrated SEO features to attract web traffic naturally and organically to your eCommerce site.


With Shopware 6, it comes packed with several valuable features for search engine optimization. Your online business is well prepared for organic search with rich snippets of content, breadcrumbs, meta, and canonical tags.

Integration with all sales channels

Another advantage when using this platform is that it makes possible an eCommerce site’s integration with other sales channels such as a traditional shop, email marketing, or sale via social media.

Sales channels can differ in assortment, currencies, and language. When you want to use the default channels, you can use the API to create custom connections and effectively reach your customers wherever they are.

sales channels


To boost your sales, the Shopware marketing tools allow you to manage easily in administration and can be individually activated per sales channel. You also assign a campaign to certain target groups, shopping baskets, orders, or even define groups & set discounts, discounts on shipping costs, fixed price discounts, and individual discount codes. 



The self-managing mode on this virtual shop creation platform automates many of the common tasks to be carried out on an eCommerce site, making the work required to manage and maintain your business much easier. The administrators and managers will have much more time to dedicate to other important tasks that generate greater added value for the site’s users and customers.

Shopping experience

Besides those advantages that we share above, this platform allows your customers to have a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device, and also improve upon the underlying idea to bring about the ultimate fusion of content and commerce.

shopware shopping experience

Shopware Cloud products

It offers flexible upgrade options that support your project as it grows. From a solution that is completely free of charge to the robust Professional Edition, you can adapt your plan to your business at any time

cloud products

Shopware Developers

In addition, Shopware is not only a software solution for users but also a sort of framework for developers, the requirement and needs of the developer’s community is also an important topic for further development.

showare developers

B2B Correspondence 

One of the top advantages of this eCommerce software is that it allows you to integrate the Shopware B2B Suite into their workflow with a high degree of customization and integration of business processes. 

You have the capabilities to manage your customer budget and provide them a private shopping. You are also able to set up different themes at the customer level.


Automating processes

The first of the new update features of this software announced by Shopware CEO is Flow Builder. It will give the retailers a hand with an automated business process, they’re able to customize the software to their needs without development experience. 

automating processes

Shopware Support

The second of the new update features of this software is named Guided Shopping, which enables shop owners to create interactive events from their Shopware website. Moreover, they can create live video events for customers to highlight products. Without having to switch between a presentation tool, video conferencing system, and storage system.

shopware support

Shopware Pros and Cons


  • Shopware creates an agile and straightforward work routine
  • It is fairly easy to use, even for the non-tech merchants, and the easily communicate with the customers
  • This platform has been excelling in the eCommerce industry for 18 years because of its impressive features.
  • Providing a user friendless of the program allows for easy training.
  • Shopware provides a strong community for developers.
  • The cloud-based give you access to work for multi-shop locations.


  • The inventory module is not flexible enough for businesses with a high volume
  • There are some little problems with updated features 
  • The integrated sale channels are limited
  • Some of the code-plugin have an extra cost
  • With Shopware 6, some features worked in the older versions.

Shopware is Best Suitable With

This platform is fully customizable and expandable with additional features or a custom layout. Shopware is suitable for small and medium online stores or all business models such as B2C, B2B who want to have a high performance and scalability with muti-channels and frontends.

Hoping with our reviews, you can start your business with Shopware.

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