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shopify dropshipping seo

Shopify Dropshipping SEO in 2024: How to rank #1

When drop shippers initially started out, the biggest mistake was just spending money on influencers and marketing without knowing what they were doing. Shopify Dropshipping profits may be low, so every dropshipping business owner wishes for free traffic.

SEO is a strategy that makes your dropshipping work easier. Whether or not customers know about your store and products is all thanks to how Shopify Dropping SEO.

What is dropshipping SEO and why does it matter?

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases organic traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When you search for something on Google, you will often click on the pages that Google recommends to find the results. These websites are also known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Likewise, if you want your online store or the products you sell to be noticed and known to your customers, the website needs to appear on Google search. 

Shopify dropshipping SEO can be understood as all efforts to optimize your website and keywords to make your Shopify online store appear and rank higher on Google search. When your product shows in a Google search, your customers will make a purchase simply.

That is a simple explanation; to answer the question “How to improve Shopify dropshipping SEO?”, please continue reading the sections below.

shopify dropshipping seo

3 Reasons to have Shopify Dropshipping SEO Strategy

No matter how big or small your business is, implementing a Shopify dropshipping SEO campaign is extremely important for the following reasons:

1. Attracting new customers 

Google is the most popular search tool nowadays; it brings many new users to approach products / online stores. As a result, you will increase the number of visitors to your store, who will then be able to convert into potential customers.

Otherwise, when your store is not found in search results, fewer customers will know about the existence of your store. As a result, it will be difficult for you to make a sale, which slows down your business growth. 

So, if you skip doing SEO, you are missing out on many buyers looking for your goods.

2. Having an effective Shopify dropshipping SEO strategy reduces brand promotion fee

Paying for marketing promotion can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars for a campaign. However, if you exploit the power of SEO, you will have people access your website without paying. Thus, you will not spend too much money on advertising.

Especially for small startups or new drop shippers, SEO is a real lifesaver to increase sales and keep profits constant. In other words, with SEO, you can attract organic traffic and reduce the overall expense of promotion. 

3. Gaining long-lasting SEO benefits

Unlike advertising programs, SEO will bring you long-term benefits. It implies that you don’t need to renew and pay extra fees to attract new customers. SEO will bring long-term effects, and you will get the results after 2 to 3 months of implementing a complete SEO strategy.

In addition, unlike paid advertising, your flow of website visitors and sales will not drop, even if you stop updating new products or editing and optimizing your web page and its products. 

shopify dropshipping seo

How to improve SEO on Shopify dropshipping stores?

Essentially, dropshipping SEO works the same way that SEO for an eCommerce store does.

Content Optimization

Keywords Research 

Keywords are the heart of SEO. Keywords inform Google about who you are and what products you are selling.

It is impossible to do Shopify SEO successfully without doing keyword research. Do many people wonder how to find the right keywords that customers frequently visit to be able to click on their store?

Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer to come up with the best keywords. What keywords would you use to find your products?

 For example, if you sell women’s t-shirts, consider keywords like “women’s t-shirts,” “t-shirts,” “beautiful t-shirts,” “affordable t-shirts,” etc.

The keywords criteria:

Keywords with high search volume: Keywords with high search volume often receive the attention of many people. So when you include these keywords, you can reach more and more potential customers

Keywords with advantageous competition: you want to achieve the top position on the search pages cost-effectively.

SEO optimization is an ongoing process with a lot of moving parts, so don’t expect to achieve dramatic results overnight. To choose the right keywords, practice following these steps:


To choose the right keywords, you should brainstorm. We have made a list of search terms related to the product group you are trading. Then aim for at least 5-10 phrases on the list. For example, if you have the main keyword “fresh milk” in the list, you can mention “unsweetened fresh milk,” “strawberry milk,” “skimmed fresh milk,” etc.

Alternative keywords: Use keyword research tools to expand your word list and notice trendy keywords people highly search for. Note the popularity and relevance of these terms to your product.

For example, if you want to sell freight cars, don’t use the keywords like “cargo truck” or “cheap truck.” Try searching Google for the above keywords; the results appear to be car rental services, it is not valid for your product, and your effort for these keywords is useless. Look for more precise keywords like “buy cargo vans,” “cheap cargo vans,” “small trucks.”

Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords usually don’t have a high search volume. However, it is aimed directly at the consumer’s purchase intention. For example, the keyword “fresh milk” normally has a very high search volume, but the keyword “fresh milk without sugar for dieters” can be an anchor point to get new customers. In other words, optimizing for long-tail keywords can be a bit complicated, but it improves the chances of a product’s article ranking in the google search.

Create authorized content 

The first thing you have to keep in mind when doing SEO is to make sure the content on your website is unique and authorized and is not copied from other websites. Any Shopify website that contains lots of duplicate content will be at risk of a penalty from Google.

If there is a duplicate or copies from other pages, your website’s rankings will drop low, making it difficult for customers to find products. You should regularly check all the content on the website and make sure it is 100% unique. You can use the Copyscape Plagiarism Checker tool to check the uniqueness of the content more accurately. In this case, if Copyscape finds any duplicated content pieces, you need to reword it with a rewording tool. It will automatically replace the original wording with new words and phrases without changing the actual meaning.

Create impressive titles and meta descriptions

The meta description is the short text that appears beneath the title. The title and description are the two significant factors for your website to achieve high rankings on search engines. Try to make them detailed and intriguing to get people to click.

The title tag and description should contain keywords related to the page’s content. This will help search engines better understand what your page is doing, selling, etc. In particular, the title must be written according to the best SEO standards. The title should contain only 60 characters, and the description should be around 160 characters. The customer is looking for it when clicking on the website. If you can do this, you will stand out from the others.

Although this process takes time to brainstorm, you need to do it perfectly to achieve high search engine rankings without resorting to the Google Adwords service or hiring freelance content writers. 

Make them detailed and intriguing to get people to click.

Become a Master of Product Descriptions

Of course, a dropshipping store only needs to purchase products from a third-party vendor and have them delivered directly to your customers. However, never duplicate the product descriptions of your supplier or other businesses that sell the same items as you because you may risk not appearing in search engines.

To be successful with dropshipping, you must devote time and effort to your dropshipping business, write your product descriptions, and tell your buyers your story. Try to make everything unique so that your target audience chooses your store rather than all of your competitors.

Optimizing product and store images

Not only the words but the images also play an important role in SEO. Images optimization has always been necessary to improve your Shopify site’s presence on Google. Standard SEO images must include Alt tags and related keywords.

When creating Alt tags for web images, note that “Alt tags” need to be short and concise and not stuff keywords in “tags.” 

There are three reasons why you should not ignore the alt text tag:


    • Alt text tells Google what your photo is about. 

    • When the image fails to display, the alt text will replace the image and be recognized by Google.

    • When customers search on Google, your photographs may display in the Image section.

Besides, suppose you want to add alt text to your products on the Shopify store. In that case, you have to follow these steps: After login, you click “Product” then select the product that you want to edit and hover over the product image; afterward, click ALT (add or edit alt text); then it is done to save the text.

shopify dropshipping seo

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On-page SEO 

Link all your Products page from the Home page

The homepage is the main page and also the most powerful page of the website among all other pages, so it needs more investment.

Ensure all essential pages and products are clearly visible at the top of the homepage via text navigation.

Create clear text navigation links on your homepage so visitors can go directly to your products without having to leave the page and search outside.

How to choose a domain URL for Shopify

The domain name is an equally vital factor in helping attract potential customers. Choosing a domain name also plays a high role in optimizing your Shopify site from the start.

This is the perfect opportunity to create a domain name that contains keywords that will help impress search engines. Your website can be presented in a high position for viewers to see, and the rate of visits will increase even more.

Follow these tips to have a good URL domain:


    • Create a short domain name: The more words, the harder it is to remember

    • Personalize URLs: Your brand name should appear in the URL.

    • Do not use symbols: Symbols, letters, numbers, etc., should be removed. Because when reading, it feels unprofessional, and your brand is also difficult to build customer trust.

dropshipping seo

Link building 

Link building is one of the significant factors that affect SEO directly and determines your rankings.

Think of link-building like votes. If a website has many votes, Google will know that it has good content and is trustworthy and determine your rating. For example, another website provides a content link to your website, saying, “If you’re looking for a wonderful t-shirt, don’t miss *your store*.” It’s called link building.

The link-building process has two main parts: creating internal links (Internal Link) and creating return links (Backlink). And also, remember that to be able to get to this step, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the Landing Page, including structure and content. Because our website is not standard and has many holes, the link-building process will not affect the SEO campaign no matter how well it goes.

However, not every vote will count. To begin, the link to your website must be do-follow rather than no-follow (we explain more in the backlink section). Furthermore, there are criteria for determining if a link is valid or not:


    • Relevant to the topic

    • High domain authority score

    • This link has traffics

    • Good Backlink (It’s a natural link, it’s from a similar site or a related site)


According to Google algorithms, Backlinks are still the most important part of the ranking factor. Hence, website owners dedicate themselves to building thousands of links without knowing how to build quality backlinks. “Safely SEO-friendly quality.”

Backlinks play an important role in driving traffic back to your website. You will rank high in the search engines, as well as possibly get more traffic from the links, following criteria to be able to create SEO Standard Backlinks:


    • Put Backlinks on websites with high Page Rank: there are many online newspapers, famous forums, and many visitors every day, and obviously, the Page Rank of these websites is very high. Backlinks placed on articles on such websites will be of good quality.

    • Put Backlinks on websites in the same field that you target: there are countless news websites with different topics on the internet. If possible, put Backlinks on the right websites in your field of activity. For example, in the beauty business, backlinks should be placed on websites that provide famous information about beauty, women, fashion, skincare, etc.

    • Put Backlink on the homepage instead of subpages: what’s more wonderful if your Backlink is lucky to be placed right on the homepage of a famous and high-visited website?

    • Put Backlink in quality content: many people often arbitrarily copy content anywhere they like and then insert their Backlink in; this is a “disaster” of SEO. We should write new, unique, helpful content, and especially Anchor Text must be natural and contextual, not annoying, confusing, and meaningless for the reader.

Backlinks are classified into two types: do-follow and no-follow.


    • Do-follow links inform search engines that a link is trustworthy and valuable for reference, and they impact the outbound link factor of that website. That is, the more Do-follow backlinks you have pointing to your website from high-quality domains, the better. Your website will quickly reach the top of Google’s search results.

    • When your backlink has the rel=”nofollow” tag, Google robots will consider it a dangerous link. As a result, no-follow backlinks are links that are not encouraged for usage when Google searches.

View page source sample

Checking do-follow link is simple; right-click on the page to be verified and select “View page source” or the Ctrl + U key combination. Then, in the search field, click Ctrl+F and type rel=”nofollow” to determine if the link is nofollow. If the result is 0, we know that all links on that page are dofollow.

Internal Links 

Internal Link is a system of linking links on the same website, it helps Google understands your store and products. Internal Links will be placed on the Anchor Text in standard SEO articles on the website. Creating Internal Links is very simple; you just need to do the following: 


    • Highlight Anchor Text

    • Click the link button

    • Copy and paste the URL of the page you want to point to.

User Experience Improvement 

Google likes unique content, frequent updates, and proof of high user activity and satisfaction. As a result, customer evaluations can help generate more sales, especially if they are pleased with your products and services.

Improving the user experience on the Shopify website will help your website increase search rankings higher on Google.

Increase your website speed

A website that is easy to navigate and fast to load always makes visitors want to stay longer. This means they will spend a lot of time reading news, and researching products on your website.

To speed up the Shopify page loading faster, please note:


    • Choose a theme that is friendly, easy to understand, and compatible with mobile devices

    • Optimize image usage 

    • Delete any apps you don’t use

    • Avoid using sliders

    • Optimize the interface on computers and phones

Using Responsive Web Design (RWD) will help your Shopify store be compatible with all devices, such as desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. This will make it easy for customers to access your website anytime. It is also a way to retain customers to stay longer.

Because Google will look at the time on the page to determine that website’s value, creating an easy-to-navigate website with clear, detailed, coherent content is essential. Your website rankings will improve and make customers visit your website many times, helping to increase conversions.

3 Best SEO apps for Shopify dropshipping stores

If you find the above methods hard to apply, don’t worry because Shopify has a lot of tools that can perform SEO for your dropshipping store on your behalf.

Plug in SEO

This app is helpful for customers who don’t have the time or knowledge to run an SEO campaign independently. Then the Plug-In SEO plus packages provide an additional service of hiring an expert. That means having an expert from the Plug-In SEO team come and take care of website optimization for you. In addition, you will also be provided with many video tutorials and training, which includes SEO tips and tricks.

shopify dashboard



    • Bulk edit meta titles & meta descriptions for 10s, 100s, or 1000s of product/collection/blog pages in minutes.

    • Supports product schema, review & rating, price, product availability, SEO breadcrumb list, social profile links, site links & more.

    • See the keywords that rank highest & drive traffic to your store.

    • Drive More Traffic With Proven SEO Tactics.

    • Detect & fix broken links to recover free traffic.


The Plug-In application has two versions that you can choose from. 


    • One is the free version, suitable for those who are just starting their business and getting acquainted with SEO. With this free plan, you will have an automatic feature that regularly checks for issues: page speed, content, article structure, page title, description, etc. to ensure your website is optimized.

    • With the paid version ($20/month), Plug-In SEO Plus provides advanced features for customers with higher SEO optimization needs. In addition to diverse features and powerful optimization tools, you will also receive enthusiastic support from the developers.

Smart SEO

The Smart SEO app is especially significant if you’re running a store in multiple languages, as it has dedicated functionality for optimizing multilingual meta tags. Plus, it allows users to create various related Meta tags in your Blog pages, product pages, collections, and articles in your Shopify store, etc., without manual editing.

smartseo shopify dashboard



    • Provides the best data for Google and other search engines to improve search results The application will generate JSON-LD data for each product without you having to be fluent in related coding languages, JavaScript and Liquid. 

    • Manage your sitemap support and regularly scan your site for broken links, along with automatic troubleshooting.



    • The free plan will give you the ability to optimize meta tags, and alt tags, use sitemap support, and fix broken backlinks. 

    • As for the $4.99/month paid plan, you can unlock more advanced capabilities.


Schema is attached to the website to help search engines easily recognize, classify and return the best and more accurate results. Without Schema, a website would only include content that still doesn’t have the proper context.

schema shopify dashboard



    • Validation Entity: Helps the Google search engine to recognize information on the internet, Google’s live data content, and finally, information right on the site.

    • Let Google understand the content. Usually, Google will have to crawl your own site information and the backlinks pointing to it. Here, with the schema, We will provide Google with a third database for Google to evaluate more accurately.

    • Having a schema will help Google rate that page higher, which also leads to outbound links from pages with Schema that can be commented on more by Google.


SCHEMAPLUS PRO: $14.99/month. You can have customer support 24/7, the most Comprehensive Schema. Moreover, it helps you enable Google rich results and removes Schema errors.

Final Words

shopify dropshipping seo

Dropshipping SEO is not a quick or simple approach to increasing traffic. It is a long-term strategy and is complicated to master. Making Shopify Dropshipping SEO will bring excellent results in the future, and you do not have to pay for advertising.

Hopefully, through the Shopify Dropshipping SEO article, you will understand what Shopify SEO is and how Shopify SEO is. Please contact Beehexa for advice, guidance, and the most professional Shopify SEO plan for those who are still confused and do not know how to start.

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