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Free 2 Power BI template for Product Management

In today’s world, being a good product manager means you really understand the market, what customers like, and how well your product is doing. And these days, using data is super important to make smart decisions and make your product successful. Luckily, there are free Power BI templates that can help product managers see and understand all the important numbers. So, let’s talk about how these templates can make it easier for product managers to make their products better and reach their goals.

Free Power BI Template for Product Management| Template 1

Power BI Template

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Overview: This product report offers a comprehensive view of various aspects related to products, providing businesses with valuable insights into their inventory and customer satisfaction metrics. By analyzing key data points such as the number of brands, products, order, and stock quantities, average review scores, and product ratings, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their product and enhance customer experience.

Key Features:

  • General Statistics: Offering businesses a snapshot of their overall product inventory and sales performance.
  • Product Scoring by Brand: Analyzes review scores for products grouped by brand, providing insights into brand reputation and customer satisfaction for each brand’s product offerings.
  • Average Scoring by Month: Tracks average review scores every month, allowing businesses to identify trends and seasonal variations in customer satisfaction, and adjust their product strategies accordingly.
  • Rating Level: Categorizes products based on their review scores into different rating levels (e.g., Low, Medium, High, Very High), helping businesses identify top-performing products and areas for enhancement.
  • Purchase Quantity and Number of Reviews, Average Scoring: Displays purchase quantities, the number of reviews, and the average review score for each product, allowing businesses to evaluate product popularity, customer engagement, and satisfaction levels.

Free Power BI Template for Product Management| Template 2

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Overview: This product report delves deep into vital metrics related to product performance, customer satisfaction, and pricing strategies. By analyzing brand-specific ratings, rating distributions, price dynamics, discount impacts, and detailed product profiles, businesses can gain actionable insights. These insights enable them to optimize product offerings, fine-tune pricing strategies, and develop engaging customer approaches to thrive in competitive markets.

Key features:

  • Average and Total Rating by Brand: Presents average and total ratings aggregated by brand, allowing businesses to evaluate brand reputation and customer satisfaction levels across their product portfolio.
  • Total Ratings by Rating Bucket: Break down total ratings into different rating buckets (2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5), providing insights into the distribution of customer feedback and sentiment towards products.
  • Price and Rating Analysis: Analyzes the relationship between product prices and customer ratings to identify correlations and patterns, helping businesses optimize pricing strategies based on perceived value and customer satisfaction.
  • Discount and Rating Analysis: Examines the impact of discounts and promotions on customer ratings, allowing businesses to assess the effectiveness of discounting strategies and their influence on customer perceptions.
  • Product Detail Page: offers a thorough look at each product, showing its description, specifications, images, and customer reviews. This helps businesses grasp the product features and customer opinions in detail.
  • Sources: Product Review Dashboard in Power BI

HexaSync, developed by Beehexa, is one of the iPaaS integration platforms in the global market. Working as a middleware platform, HexaSync has developed Power BI integration with other systems like e-commerce websites, ERP, POS, etc to meet the high-level analytics needs of businesses, providing real-time data updates, and helping managers have a comprehensive, objective overview, and accurate over time to make wise decisions and effectively support business, through APIs.

Incorporating data-driven insights into product management is essential for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment. These Free Power BI templates offer a powerful yet accessible solution for product managers to harness the power of data and drive success. By leveraging these templates effectively, product managers can gain actionable insights, streamline decision-making processes, and ultimately deliver value to their customers. Empower your product management journey with these Power BI templates today!

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