Magento 2 Integration Products

Do you know synchronizing data between Magento eCommerce Website and ERP solutions will help you save a great deal of time and signifiantly increase your customer happiness? At Beehexa, we provide all kinds of Magento 2 Integration Products to suit your business needs.

the key important flows of Magento 2 and ERP integrations

Magento ERP integration significantly improves efficiency — inventory, orders, customer data, and shipping information are all integrated between key business systems.
magento 2 crrm erp pos integration

agile - Agile - Agile

People say that data integration is complex but our product is designed to eliminate all these hurdles in the shortest time by adopting agile development process inside of their builtin features

01. config

we enable some simple configurations steps to access your data source and destination to review all the necessary data like products, customers and orders.

02. sync

Try to sync a single data point like to creating a new product, updating its stock or creating a new customer to see how the system work.

03. monitor

Turn the runtime service to enable real-time data sync then monitoring the data flow between the Shopify Website and the ERP solution.

Our Magento 2 Integration Products Include

Product Procurement

Product category

ERP & Reporting




Customer Service







sale order

Shopping Cart


leveraged by powerful hexaSync Capabilities



Point to Point Integration is a light way for starting an integration project but when things are getting more complex like the problem of synchronizing data between an ERP software and Shopify, an eCommerce software.

Message Queue-Based Architecture

Message Queue-Based Architecture

Message queues can significantly simplify coding of decoupled applications, while improving performance, reliability and scalability. 

EAV Design Pattern

EAV Design Pattern

We enable EAV design pattern for Data Modeling

Customizable Handlers

Customizable Handlers

Hexasync can help you gain visibility into the status of all your customers’ orders— even if you’re omnichannel and sell through physical stores and warehouses as well as online.

Strong Data Validators

Strong Data Validators

Data quality is the most important thing for any data project, we know it and built a lot of validators to make sure you have consistent data between your ERP applications and Shopify eCommerce website

Cell-Based Mapping

Cell-Based Mapping

We offer single cell of data to be mapped between the systems to maintain high quality data management 

Async Integration

Async Integration

By keeping your business in sync in real-time, you can make sure the right information is always available in all your tools, so you won’t ever have to manually enter the same data over and over again.

Compatible with Legacy Erp

Compatible with Legacy Erp

Digital Transformation is an interesting topic, changing an ERP application is not that easy. Our Integration solution can help you connect modern Shopify eCommerce website with your Legacy ERP applications to make sure your can have online sales channel with the less hurdles of replacing ERP softwares

Manageable Schedulers

Manageable Schedulers

Product quantity is changed frequently while Product Name is hardly never changed, why they should be synced at the same time?



You always want to know, which item synced, when an item was synced, why an item was not synced. Our transactions logging and monitoring help you answer all of these questions

Our Magento 2 Integrations

We also offer custom Magento 2 integrations that are tailor made to your specific requirements and help integrate your Magento web store with platforms like:

Don’t see the platform you want to integrate with?


We know that you face a lot of obstacles for connecting your Magento eCommerce website and your ERP solutions; our customers had the same concerns as well

An integration enables third-party services to call the Magento web APIs.  The Magento APIs currently supports Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Information Management (PIM), Point of Sale (POS). We can help you connect Magento to your applications. Contact us for free consulting.

Open Source platforms, all for a better price, allow for far more security, creativity, agility, quality and customization! It enables people to share and access the site, making adjustments simpler and more efficient.

Starting with Magento 2.4.0, you must use the command line to install or upgrade Magento, as well as modules and extensions.

You can refer to Magento Devdocs for more details of installation process.

If you are using token-based authentication:

  1. Create a web services user on Magento Admin by selecting System > Permission > All Users > Add New User.
  2. Create a new integration on Magento Admin.
  3. Use a REST or SOAP client to configure authentication.

Log in to Magento and navigate to System > Extensions > Integrations. The integration should be displayed in the grid