Online Offline Integration

The solution lies in Integrated Services

The convenience of online retail and the real-world reliability of the in-store experience are exactly what consumers want. They want to have a combination of their two business flows. So they can have an overview between offline and online – and back again – without any interruption.

Ways of working

O2O or online-to-offline is the link between ‘online discovery’ and actual commerce in the physical world. The goal of online-to-offline commerce is to create product and service awareness online, allowing potential customers to research different offerings and then visit the local brick-and-mortar store to make a purchase.

  • The online component helps consumers discover a product and pay for it (smart phones, computers,...)
  • After which they are directed to the offline world (shops)
  • Stores and shops are where they do the actual purchase

Benefits of O2O

O2O commerce companies may employ include in-store pick-up of items purchased online, allowing items purchased online to be returned at a physical store, and allowing customers to place orders online while at a physical store. Overall, draws potential customers from online channels to make purchases in physical stores.

  • Increase sales and capture orders that would have been lost
  • Improve customer choice
  • Give customer assistants a powerful way to support customers
  • Drive sales of large, complex or obscure products
  • Provide another reason for customers to visit your stores
  • Make greater use of your existing digital assets
  • Gather original data about your customers’ preferences and intentions.

O2O made easy with

Integration Platform

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Benefits of Online Offline Integration​