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Free Google Sheets Report Template for Sales Management 

Efficient sales management is super important for any successful business. Technology plays a more and more important role as businesses work to optimize their operations. Google Sheets Report Template is one product that has become more popular in the field of sales management. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the myriad benefits of using Google Sheets and introduce you to the HexaSync Google Sheets Report Template, which you can use to increase sales.

HexaSync Google Sheets Report Template for Sales Management

Google Sheets Report Template


This comprehensive chart provides insights into a wide range of critical metrics and performance indicators that are necessary for assessing business performance. By visualizing these metrics, stakeholders can make informed decisions to optimize operations, improve profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Key Metrics: Key Metrics: Summary of critical data including Revenue, Profit, Orders, Returns, Average ShipDays, Order Quantity, and Customer Count.
  • Visualizes the revenue and profit trends over time, enabling analysis of seasonal variations and identifying periods of growth or decline.
  • Number of Success Orders and Return Orders: Allowing businesses to monitor their order fulfillment efficiency and manage return processes effectively.
  • Sales Order by Province: Offers a geographical perspective by illustrating sales orders distributed across different provinces or regions, facilitating targeted marketing strategies and resource allocation.
  • Top 10 Highest Products Base Margin: Identifies the top-performing products based on their margin, helping businesses focus on high-margin items to maximize profitability.
  • Reality Orders Quantity, Orders, and Orders Return: Compares actual order quantities, order counts, and return counts against expected or forecasted values, aiding in performance evaluation and adjustment of business strategies as needed.

In addition, the automatic data change feature helps you see an overview of the sales situation over a specific period.

Getting Started Is Simple

Access the Template: Access our complimentary Google Sheets template for Sales Management.

  • Make It Yours: Duplicate the template to fashion your customized version. Adapt it to align with your sales processes, targets, and unique workflows.
  • Start Managing: Commence inputting your sales data and collaborating with your sales team. With our intuitive template, you’ll swiftly gain control over your sales operations.
  • Drive Sales Success: Empower your sales team to enhance efficiency, track progress, and achieve sales objectives using our free Google Sheets template.


In conclusion, you can completely transform your sales management process by utilizing a Google Sheets sales template, like the HexaSync free Google Sheets Report Template. 

You may increase sales, obtain meaningful insights, and optimize company operations by taking use of Google Sheets’ collaboration tools, customization possibilities, analytical power, and cost. Take advantage of Google Sheets Report Template to enhance your sales management!

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