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Mastering Catchy Product Descriptions for E-commerce Success

Catchy product descriptions can help brands or businesses stand out. They can help them achieve greater success online and improve their online presence. However, good-quality descriptions aren’t only catchy; they are also accurate and honest.

According to research, around 50% of frequent online buyers have returned products at least once, because they didn’t match the description. So, how do you write catchy descriptions that are equally impactful and honest?

Besides, what is the basic definition of a product description? What are the benefits of writing one? And how do you leverage a tool like a summarizer to write a solid product description? Let’s find out. 

What Is a Product Description?

Product Description

A product description is a summarization of the product’s features, as it highlights what the product does or how it can benefit the user. The purpose of this product description is to not only provide a basic introduction to the features. 

The product description usually features information that includes:

  • Specifications and features of the product;
  • How-to and use directions;
  • Benefits and common results;
  • And ingredients-related information.

While the information provided on product descriptions depends entirely on the kind of product or services being sold, they do have a similar structure. Each product description targets the ailment of its potential user and then provides a desirable and easy solution.

This golden method of writing a product copy is called the AIDA method, which taps into the basic necessities of the target user/customer. Then, it focuses on the benefits and features of the product that could help with it. 

Benefits of A Good-Quality Product Description 

A good product description can play a major role in attracting potential buyers to the product. Not only because it should provide a list of features, but also because of how it can benefit the buyers. However, writing good product description has many benefits for the brand/business, including:

  • Increased sales;
  • Increased SEO ranks
  • Enhanced brand image;
  • Easier communication with buyers;
  • And higher conversion rates. 

Research says that around 87% of online buyers said product description is the leading factor, which helps them decide the right type of products to buy. That’s why it’s important to write high-quality descriptions. 

4 Tips to Write Catchy Product Descriptions for E-Commerce 

Now let’s talk about the tips to help you write catchy product descriptions for any sort of E-Commerce business. 

1: Talk Benefits, Not Features 

One of the major errors in writing product descriptions is focusing too much on the features. Granted, it’s a good idea to highlight the key features that you provide in your product. However, the better approach is to highlight the benefits users get cause of that feature.

This will allow you to write a description that focuses on the benefit or shift in experience that the user will feel. Here’s an example:

The shoe uses a memory foam with leather sole.”

It’s a bit soulless and lists the product features. So, a better approach to writing would be this:

Walk free of any discomfort as the shoe fits you perfectly, and provides a smooth walking experience.”

Do you notice the difference? It’s not about the features anymore, as it’s about the comfort and experience the user will feel wearing the show. So, aim for benefits, not features. 

2: Keep it Simple, Concise and Crisp

Keeping it simple, concise, and crisp is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re writing a high-quality description. Most product descriptions on a website are around or under 50 words. However, you should go and write as much and then use a summarizer to make it concise. 

Because when you write without looking at the word limit, you can add a lot of information and benefits. Then, using a summarizer to shorten it will help you keep that information and make it short and sweet. Here’s an example:

AI  summarizer

Now, we added all the important information and benefits in the main description. However, it was a little over 140 words. So, to keep it to a certain word count, we used the Summarizer tool by Editpad to shorten/summarize it.

And, the result is around 50 words, which is basically ideal for a description of this sort. So, you can keep it concise, short, and simple with the help of a summarizer like this. Or, you could also 

3: Be Vivid, Not Vague

Vivid language is a necessity in product descriptions, as your target customer should imagine the product and the benefits you are talking about. For example, vivid language describes something in detail that can help the user create an image in their mind.

4: Tap into The Desires & Emotions of Audience 

If you’re selling something, you have to know your audience and that’s the only way to tap into their emotions. The example we’ve talked about so far has been about running shoes. So, you’d want to get into the mind of a runner and the things they need the most.

Besides comfort and ease, they want something that doesn’t break easily. So, a good idea would be to tap into that and write something that helps them understand the value of the product. This doesn’t need to be in detail, but a few simple words might do the trick. 


These are some of the key things that you need in your product description for them to be catchy and outstanding. There are many ways to write high-quality product descriptions and the methods we showed you are used by experts around the globe.

So, you can leverage AI tools like the summarizer we showed you. That way, you will be more productive and write catchy descriptions for your products in no time. 

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