HexaSync help Mach Nha Duong centralize the data for faster processes by integrating KiotViet with Shopify

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Company Name

Mach Nha Duong

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About Client

Since its inception in 2012, up to now, MACH NHA DUONG has always been a fashion brand associated with girls who have a seductive and extremely confident style. With its unique design, each product of the brand always ensures a spirit of freedom and liberation for the wearer.

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The challenges

Mach Nha Duong is a successful retailer selling products through physical stores and online platforms. To manage their operations, they have been using KiotViet for their in-store sales and Shopify for their online sales. However, this approach has led to significant challenges, as they have had to manually manage their inventory and fulfill orders through two separate systems.

To address these challenges, Mach Nha Duong realized the need to centralize their data and streamline their operations.  

The Solutions

The HexaSync Integration platform allows Mach Nga Duong to easily manage their inventory and fulfill orders from a single platform. This saved them time and money and improved their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

With this new approach, Mach Nha Duong can now focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional products and services to their customers. Thanks to HexaSync, they have successfully overcome the challenges of managing multiple sales channels and achieved greater success in their business.

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The Results

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Beehexa Mach Nha Duong

By having HexaSync Integration as middleware, the team could eliminate this manual process and improve the accuracy of the data. This not only saved time and resources but also reduced the risk of human error and improved the overall efficiency of the business.

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