Help GNH build the ecosystem to support their customers by integrating Zalo OA with Freshchat using the HexaSync Integration Platform

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Giao Hang Nhanh

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Shipping and mailing service

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Meet Giao Hang Nhanh

GHN (GHN Express) – The first shipping company in Vietnam was established in 2012 with the mission to serve the professional shipping needs of eCommerce partners nationwide. Since then, GHN has been one of the most extensive and reliable delivery networks, covering all 63/63 provinces and 700/700 districts in Vietnam. 

In 2017, GHN broadened their service range to include linehaul, fulfillment, and warehousing services via GHN Logistics. As their customers’ demands grow, an effective logistics infrastructure is just not enough. It’s the reason why GHN reached to us in 2022, with the referral from Cloud Kinetics, our solution partner, to look for boosting their effectiveness in communicating with clients via Zalo OA and FreshChat Integration.

Providing delivery, fulfillment and warehousing services to sellers and buyers all over the nation, GHN has to support hundreds of thousands customers as well as millions of messages from them day in, day out. GHN’s customers mainly contact them via emails, Facebook, Zalo and chat widget on the website. To centralize customer’s requests, manage support tickets, measure service team’s performance and track customer satisfaction, GHN planned to gather messages from all channels to their CRM system, FreshChat. By default, FreshChat already supports connecting to Facebook, emails and WhatsApp. The challenge now is how GHN can bring messages from Zalo OA to FreshChat.

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The Challenges

At first, their team tried using Zalo OA independently as a CRM system. However, it not only takes time but also affects the resource allocation of their service team in both FreshChat and Zalo. At the end of the day, reporting the numbers of requests and staff performance becomes a tiring daily task, not even mentioning the errors caused by labor work because the average number of messages GHN Zalo received is often more than 100K daily.

What challenged GHN was also a challenge to HexaSync. Additionally, HexaSync has to resolve the issues popping up due to the API limitations of Zalo OA and FreshChat

  • Ensure real-time sync for over 100K messages daily
  • A message from Zalo sent to FreshChat will trigger at least 2 system responses such as Open Conversation Notifications, Assign to Agent, Resolve ticket, etc. Clients in Zalo can see unnecessary messages and GHN can exceed the the quota of free active messages provided by Zalo (1000 free active messages per month)

The Solutions

  • Enable webhook for real-time message sync 
  • HexaSync takes advantage of Zalo policy for active message and response message to save the free quota. Everytime Zalo user sends to OA a message, the next 8 replies from Zalo OA are counted as responses. It is free, and it will not affect the free quota of active messages.

Zalo OA Connector and Profile arrow Freshdesk
Zalo-oa Freshdesk Integration
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Kiot-viet-pos Shopify Integration
Zalando Connector and Profile arrow Shopify
Zalando Shopify Integration

The Results

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Beehexa Giao Hang Nhanh Success Story

  • Each conversation synced save GHN’s staffs at least 10 minutes to transfer client’s request to FreshChat; 15 minutes if messages come from new customers because HexaSync automatically log new customer information from Zalo into FreshChat
  • Customer service team’s work efficiency increased by 150% compared to not using HexaSync
  • GHN Marketing can totally control Zalo OA while Customer Service team mainly work in FreshChat without a concern about data privacy within different departments 
  • All messages from customers come into FreshChat directly without lacking data and latency, which leverages accurate reports and Service Level Agreement evaluation GHN

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