Help Fabric And Fringe Warehouse achieve 300,000 online-to-offline conversions by integrating Magento with Microsoft Dynamics RMS using the HexaSync Integration Platform

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Meet Fabric and Fringe Warehouse

Fabric and Fringe warehouse

In 1965, Jack Williamson opened Cloth Barn in Alabama, paving the way for his son, Marty Williamson, to open his first Atlanta location on South Marietta Parkway. As the business grew, Marty and his partner, Marla, moved Fabric & Fringe Warehouse to its current location at 2440 Canton Road in Marietta, Georgia — a 17,000-square-foot, well-lit showroom with more than 3,500 in-stock fabrics as well as over 1,000 in-stock fringes. A constant flow of new inventory ensures they can provide a selection of current goods with the latest styles and trends while maintaining all the traditional and timeless styles.

The Challenges

Fabric and Fringe Warehouse had a website built using the Joomla and Hikashop extensions. Unfortunately, the website was prone to daily downtime, causing significant problems for the business. The downtime impacted online and offline channels, causing delays in updating stock information and product data. The staff at Fabric and Fringe Warehouse had to spend a lot of time collecting stock information from their RMS system and manually updating it on their eCommerce website, which took time and effort.

Additionally, the company needed help with its software setup. Microsoft had announced that it would no longer be supporting the Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 software edition, which left Fabric and Fringe Warehouse and its partners needing a solution to build and integrate with their systems. The custom integration using database triggers needed to be fixed, leading to difficulties in uploading product images from the local RMS server to the live eCommerce store.

In summary, Fabric and Fringe Warehouse was facing several technical challenges that were impacting their eCommerce operations and hindering their business growth.

The Solutions

To overcome their technical difficulties, Fabric and Fringe Warehouse decided to migrate their Joomla eCommerce site to the Magento eCommerce platform. The new website,, was designed to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers and help streamline the company’s operations.

To ensure that data was effectively synchronized between the Magento platform and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Fabric and Fringe Warehouse implemented the HexaSync Data Integration Platform. This platform provided a comprehensive solution for data integration, ensuring that product information, stock levels, and other data were kept up to date in real time. This allowed the company to focus on growing its business rather than worrying about the technical difficulties hindering its progress.

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The Result

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Beehexa Fabric And Fringe Warehouse

One of the benefits of implementing the HexaSync Data Integration Platform was the significant time savings for Fabric and Fringe Warehouse. Before the implementation, their staff spent approximately 50 hours each month updating the catalog and stock data on their eCommerce website. With the new platform in place, this time was reduced dramatically, freeing up valuable resources for the business.

In addition to the time savings, Fabric and Fringe Warehouse also significantly improved they are online to offline conversion rates. The platform enabled them to achieve an impressive 300K in online to offline conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of their new eCommerce setup.

Moreover, the HexaSync Data Integration Platform could sync many data changes effectively. A total of 55K data changes were seamlessly integrated into the company’s systems, providing an accurate and up-to-date representation of their product information and stock levels. This was crucial for the business, allowing them to manage their operations and ensure customer satisfaction effectively.

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