QuickBooks Magento Integration

QuickBooks can be easily integrated with Magento eCommerce platform using our Hexasync. We offer fully integrated e-commerce solutions with QuickBooks software, which allows merchants and companies to leverage all tools and resources of QuickBooks to get their Magento stores done.

the key important flows of QuickBooks and Magento

There are many considerations when coming to the connection between QuickBooks and Magento. Therefore, we give you a wide range of available options for your stores.
magento quickbooks integration

WITH POWERFUL DATA integration FEATURES built in hexasync

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benefits of QUickbooks and magento integration


Data Accuracy

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and increase the efficiency of your records.


Inventory Management

Record payments and sales tax from QuickBooks. Link to a shipping app & easily track profit by pulling in shipping costs.


Automation Your Workflow

With all transaction information, generate sales receipts and invoices. Each sale updates your inventory automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions​

QuickBooks is an accounting software solution designed to handle a business’s payroll, inventory, sales and other needs. The features of QuickBooks include marketing devices, merchant services, goods and equipment, solutions for training. According to various industries and their needs, each solution is created. QuickBooks accounting software is used to monitor expenses, create invoices and reports, track change orders and job status, and manage inventory, customers, vendors and employees. In addition to these industry specific packages and their corresponding capabilities, Intuit offers add-ons to Quickbook versions as well as third-party tools that integrate with Quickbooks in order to enhance current functions. Learning about the various products available from QuickBooks and what each one offers will help you decide which one is better for your company as well as your budget.

QuickBooks Online

This version operates entirely online, allowing you to work from anywhere with Internet connection but remains safe and secure. There are multiple online plans to choose depending on your company size.

QuickBooks Pro

This version is suitable for startup businesses, which up to three employees can use at the same time. There also guides to help new users get started and from Excel to email settings.

QuickBooks Premier

This version is recommended for growing businesses. In particular, those searching for an accounting application unique to the industry. Up to five simultaneous users are assisted by QuickBooks Premier and are a good match for those who need a good inventory/sales order management option.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

As the most comprehensive and expensive version, it also offers features and tools not available in any other edition and can easily adapt to meet the needs of a growing and evolving organization. This version is suitable with the well-developed organization that wants sophisticated inventory control, the ability to generate complicated reports and expanded software authorization choices for employees.

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform providing merchants with the most flexible and controlled online store possible. Magento features powerful tools for marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management, which are tailored to meet the unique business needs of any site. Magento is generally the best eCommerce platform option for larger companies who want more features and a more completely customized site.

Automate your accounting by connecting any 3rd party software and QuickBooks Online:

  • By connecting apps you already use, you may eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. Data is sent into your books automatically, and you can evaluate everything in one place.
  • Many accounting chores, like as inventory management and time tracking, can be simplified and automated using apps, as well as running analytics.
  • Apps provide your QuickBooks more tools and functionality to help you operate your business. Boost your productivity with features tailored to your industry.

Hexasync integration platform connects QuickBooks with all leading eCommerce platforms. 

To create an integration manually, follow these general steps:

Step 1: Go to System -> Integrations Menu.

Step 2: Click add new integration to open a new integration form.

Step 3: Enter the integration name as the form in the above picture.

Step 4: Grant access to the API resources.

For more detail, follow this article.

QuickBooks competents for small-to-medium sized businesses. Its integrated functionality works across departments and business sizes, including: 

  • Integrate multiple stores
  • Accommodate complex product configurations
  • Customize your order processing
  • Comply with sales tax
  • Record your orders
  • Sync inventory
  • Record Magento fees
  • Handle high volumes
  • Customizable

With Hexasync, you can connect your Magento 2 store with your QuickBooks Online account and synchronize information between them automatically including customers, products, sales, and invoices data.

Therefore, you can better manage accounting data more effectively. Whenever a customer places an order, the system will check whether this information has already been stored in a database; if yes, the system will update the information otherwise this new customer will be added to the customer list. One of the most advanced characteristics of this extension is that all the data is synchronized immediately; no time and manual approach are required. 

  • An automated system that works night and day for you to ensure you can focus on growing your business instead of spending endless hours maintaining it.
  • Ability to automatically sync tax rates from Magento and QuickBooks (enter once, sync the rest).
  • When it comes to data, clones make everyone groan. Eliminate duplicate data entry in QuickBooks that is usually caused by a manual entry process.

Beehexa utilizes the latest technologies and optimizations in the industry to deliver to you Hexasync – a real-time data sync and monitoring middleware. Hexasync provides data-integrity protection measures, as well as a cell-based mapping in order to ensure a reliable synchronization between your Magento storefront and ERP applications. Beehexa’s Magento ERP Integration is capable of handling your every kind of data, with support for various key data: Product Category, Warranty, Shipment, Customer, Warehouse, Invoice, Order, and Products.


  • Middleware: a light application-independent software that handles all the complexity of integrations
  • EAV Design Pattern: is incorporated to allow for more flexibility in data modeling
  • Message Queue-Based Architecture: simplifies the coding of decoupled applications and provides better performance, reliability, and scalability
  • Customizable Handlers: allow for better visibility into the statuses of your customers’ orders
  • Cell-Based Mapping: high precision mapping of single-cell data for a reliable synchronization
  • Async Integration: keeps your business updated with real-time synchronization
  • Compatible with legacy ERP applications: Connect your Magento storefront with any legacy ERP applications with ease


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