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How to Generate an Access Token in Azure Active Directory? – Microsoft User Guide


Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation is an ERP system designed for medium-sized to large-sized businesses. It has a new UI, new functionalities, and amazing integrations with Microsoft CRM apps, portals, and business intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics 365 F & O will help businesses automate and manage their supply chains, as well as accelerate business growth, unify global financials, run smarter operations, and much more. 

In this user guide, we’d like to demonstrate how to generate an access token in Azure Active Directory for beginners. Please, keep watching.

Register Application User Guide

Authorize your application to work with Dynamics Fandom

  • From the finance and operations dashboard. Search for Azure Active Directory applications. Next, click New and add information such as Client ID, Name, and User ID
Microsoft user guide
  • Then click Save and refresh the website to authorize your application.
Microsoft user guide

Generate an Access Token

  • First, go to the postman and create an environment. Then click Save and set Active for it.
Generate an Access Token in Azure Active Directory
  • Now, create a New Post with the URL:
<a href="">{{MSFO_tenant_id}}/oauth2/token</a> Code language: HTML, XML (xml)
  • In the Body section, click on Form-urlencode. Then, enter the set of keys and values like this code and click Send.
Generate an Access Token in Azure Active Directory
  • As a result, the postman will return the access token of your Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operation 


We’ve demonstrated how to generate an access token in the Azure Active Directory direction for beginners. If you want to know more about Microsoft Dynamic, please let us know. We will give you a detailed answer.

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