Why Beehexa

Data synchronization in eCommerce between the retail management system (RMS) and online shopping channels is often not easy, due to the requests of connecting legacy systems and SAAS platforms. Normally, companies would hire more back office staffs to work it out, but that way will not be able to compare with the speed of a computer.

Beehexa has released HexaSync to solve that problem for your business.

It will save you costs and free up your staffs from countless hours transferring data into the system. HexaSync is a powerful software, which can handle with almost types of data, even poor quality ones. It helps processing orders faster and increasing your revenue.

HexaSync offers real-time update function, which helps you manage your goods and orders more effectively and long-term. No worries anymore about the slow response issue which delays in your business.

HexaSync can migrate several tens of thousands of data just in minutes.

BeeHexa is a team with many years' experience in programming and data processing. We are experts in almost programming languages and databases such as MySQL, SQL Server 2008+, Oracle, RethinkDB, RavenDB and MongoDB. Should you have any other specific requirements, please contact us for the best solutions for your business.