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Selling on Instagram with Shopify – Everything You Should Know

Shopify and Instagram

About Shopify

Shopify is the all-in-one commerce platform to start, run, and grow a business. According to Shopify, their platform powers over 1,700,000 businesses worldwide. 

Shopify’s total revenues worldwide grew from 200 million U.S dollars in 2015 to more than 2.9 billion U.S dollars in 2020. It can be said that Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world today.

shopify's total revenues wordwide from 2015 to 2020

About Instagram

Instagram is a free social networking platform with more than 1,000,000,000 users. According to a forecast from Statista, this number will continue to increase in the near future.

number of instagram users worldwide from 2016 to 2023

You can see the remarkable growth in the number of Instagram users between 2016 and 2021, and forecast to 2023. The number of members joining this social network has grown from more than 400 million accounts up to billions of accounts.

Instagram Shop is a group of Instagram features that allow people to make purchases through your photos and videos, no matter where they are in the app. According to Instagram, every month, 130 million Instagram accounts click on a shopping post to learn more about products. Every day, 500 million accounts access Instagram Stories. 36% of Instagrammers say they enjoy shopping and consider it a hobby.

what is instagram

It can be seen that Instagram is currently a potential market for business because of its number of users with similar shopping behavior. Without a doubt, Instagram is a huge opportunity for store owners to exploit based on how it works.

Leading social networking platform and leading e-commerce platform. Start combining them by connecting Shopify to Instagram to boost your sales. Why not?

Why do you need to connect Shopify to Instagram?

The change in buying behavior of the new generation

Millennials and Gen Z are the two dominant and influential generations in the market at the moment. Their shopping behavior is more variable and unpredictable than before, especially Gen Z. Recently, there are a lot of studies aimed at this target group. Gen Z is the generation that will dominate the market in the next few years and getting to know them is the only way store owners can continue to grow their business.

 buying behavior of gen z

Some things that we can describe Gen Z:

  • They were born and raised in the age of technology. Thus, their lives and shopping behavior are closely tied to technology.
  • They love to explore, are willing to experiment and pursue different things.
  • They have cheap, free tools and use them wisely.
global shoppers use social platforms to shopping

Share of global shoppers who think social platforms are a better place to find out about a new product than online search in 2021, by generation, Gen Z and Millennials are the generations that have the highest agreement with this view. With those changes, store owners need to take measures to meet the shopping needs of new generation customers through the Shopify Instagram sales channel. Instagram Shop can make things simpler on mobile devices.

Optimize customer experience

Since 2012 when Instagram began to be acquired by Facebook and continued to develop this social networking platform as an extension of its arm, users have witnessed positive changes coming from Instagram. Not just an ordinary photo-sharing platform, Instagram is constantly being improved, adding interesting features to meet the needs of users.

Here, each user will be a content creator on his or her own free personal account. Indeed, they can edit, post pictures on their wall, share quick moments through Instagram Stories, create short videos with Reels, and much more, with the features Instagram has to offer.

instagram feed

In their shopping process, Instagram users will be satisfied and have a better experience with the Shopify Instagram integration that the store owner has built. This also increases the professionalism of the brand in the minds of customers when your store appears everywhere that users are likely to search. Moreover, the appearance of the brand must be prepared, thoughtful, and meet the needs of buyers to the maximum extent allowed.

Increase conversion rate, generate revenue for your store

Instagram Shopify integration increases the conversion rate to your store during your customers’ day-to-day activity. This process will boost the ability to purchase and generate revenue for the business.

Then, how to add Instagram to Shopify, or how to connect Shopify to Instagram?

How to sell Shopify products on Instagram

Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Account and connect it your Facebook Page

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager page, select Create Account
  • Fill in your store information and click Submit
  • Confirm your email to start accessing Facebook Business Manager
  • Go to the Accounts, select Pages tab
  • Select Add Page to link your Facebook Page

Step 2: Set up a Facebook Sales Channel on Shopify

  • Go to your Shopify dashboard, select the + icon next to the Sales Channels tab
  • Choose Facebook to link Shopify and Facebook Shop before starting selling on Instagram
  • After agreeing to the terms and connecting Facebook – Shopify, select Finish setup
  • Setup has been completed

Step 3: Create your Instagram Business Account and connect it with Facebook

Step 4: Connect your Instagram Business Page with Facebook Business Manager

  • Visit Facebook Business Manager page, Accounts tab
  • Select Instagram accounts
  • Select Add and Connect Your Instagram Account with Facebook Business Manager

Step 5: Set up an Instagram Sales Channel on Shopify

  • Click on Facebook store that you set up on your Shopify earlier
  • Choose Start setup, Connect to start setting up your Shopify – Instagram store
  • Select Request approval to complete.

It will take a few days for the parties to review and approve your store. Once that’s done, selling on Instagram through your Shopify Instagram integration will officially begin.

How to increase sales on Instagram channel?

Focus on content in Instagram that convert to your Shopify Stores

The best thing you can do isn’t turn your Instagram shop into a second Shopify store. Having content strategies that provide more entertainment value is what draws the interest of your potential Instagram audience. You start a new sales funnel, where almost every user comes in with interesting and creative content. In fact, around 200 million users interacting with posts on Instagram every day, what do you do to get the most out of that?

increase sales on instagram shopify integration

Creating and developing a brand personality that suits your target audience on Instagram is not a bad idea. As a result, your brand personality will guide the content of your posts, the language you use to communicate with your customers, the way you create, and more. Those things help you create a community of your own, and grow your business on it.

Engage with your Instagram leads via Comments, Replies and Hashtags

Increase sales on Instagram, the most basic thing is to make your target customers happy. Treat your followers well by regularly interacting with them through Comments, Replies to your posts.

You can provide your Instagram customers with a link to view detailed product information at your Shopify store in the Replies section as soon as a customer has a question. That gives them timely responses and increases the customer experience in your store.

increase sales on instagram with shopify

Track the Hashtags that users often use when mentioning your brand, industry, or product. Help them solve problems that you can, your brand is an expert in its own field. In addition, timely tracking of brand information that users reflect on social networks is also an important thing that every business needs to do.

Since Instagram Stories launched, this feature has made the number of users access and interact on Instagram more and more. Some studies suggest that, unlike some other social networking sites, Instagram users are quite comfortable with interacting with ads from brands.

link to your shopify store from instagram stories

Adding a link to your Shopify store on Instagram Stories (provided your Instagram channel has 10,000 followers) will increase your customers’ ability to view your store and initiate shopping.

Likewise, create coverage for your store and drive customer trust and purchase with Instagram Influencers.

Organize giveaways that provides value to your followers to promote your Shopify store

Activities that bring direct value to customers from your brand are what most of your customers love. For example, organize mini-games and give away your own creations to the luckiest players.

This is a quick way to make your product and brand known to the relationships of players participating in the Giveaway activity. At a time when every user can become a micro-influencer in their community, take the opportunity to grow your store.

Top 10 Shopify Instagram Sales Channel Apps

If you already know how to choose and install Shopify apps and connect Shopify to Instagram check out our suggestions below for the top 10 Shopify Instagram apps for your online store:

Shopify Instagram Feed Apps

Instagram Feed by Tagembed

How about adding grace and functionality to your website with an easy-to-use and budget-friendly tool? Sounds interesting, right? And hence we present to you Instagram Feed Widget by Tagembed. You can easily find it on the Shopify store and operate it like a pro, even if you are from a non-technical background. The app helps you to collect Instagram feeds and display them as a beautiful presentation on your website using 10+ exclusive themes. With a custom CTA “Buy Now” button, you can even make your posts shippable.

Instagram Feed by Tagembed


  • Allows you to customize your feed and personalize it as per your style.
  • You can even filter out all the irrelevant and unwanted content from your feed and maintain the quality of your Shopify store.
  • Collects feed using Hashtags, Mentions, Handle and Tagged.
  • Offers Free Forever plan.
  • Custom CSS, analytics, and more

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

The app helps you pull images from @account and #hashtags to showcase them in shoppable Instagram feeds on your homepage, Instagram shop page, or the product page. Also, showcase Instagram photos on your online store in different layouts. Tag products on Instagram photos and make them shoppable anywhere on your site.

shop instagram feed & ugc growave shopify


  • Flexible galleries
  • Moderate & curate
  • Earn trust through UGC

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

To build social proof, the app displays your Instagram content on your store. Convert visitors to customers in your store. Increase the number of people who see your Instagram account from your store. Additionally, make use of your Instagram content to drive new content to your store on a regular basis.

instafeed instagram feed mintt studio shopify


  • Image and video support
  • Compatible with all themes and devices
  • Fully responsive – Posts automatically adjust to screen on desktop and mobile
  • Lightweight
  • Fully customizable

Instagram Feed ‑ Instafeed Pro

Choose from multiple preset templates to showcase your Instagram feed photos on the home page, product page, and more. Consequently, make your images stand out and attract the attention of shoppers.

The app syncs with your Instagram account in real-time to ensure the pictures displayed on your store are up-to-date. In addition, embed your Feed on any page of your site. Increase your customer engagement and sales in no time.

instagram feed instafeed pro expert village media technologies shopify


  • Fully customizable
  • Stunning premade gallery templates
  • Image and video support
  • Show/ hide likes and comments on posts
  • Compatible with all themes and devices
  • Automatic Feed updates
  • Does not impact page speed

InstaShow ‑ Instagram Feed

This app gives your visitors another reason to stay on your site by entertaining them with an Instagram feed while promoting your store. To make your Instagram feed Shoppable and convert visitors into paying customers, use call-to-action buttons.

instashow instagram feed elfsight shopify


  • Various sources to get more exciting content
  • Filters to get full control over the content
  • Full control of sizes and proportions
  • Flexible interface customization

Showcase ‑ Shop Instagram

Turn your Instagram content and user-generated content into shoppable galleries for your online store, and let your customers shop directly from the posts.

Showcase connects your Shopify and Instagram accounts and lets you tag products that are featured in your Instagram posts (both images and videos).

showcase shop instagram by above market


  • Customizable to Match Your Brand
  • Curate & Moderate or Automate
  • Automated Analytics
  • Free Mobile App

Shopify Instagram Sales Apps

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

A Smile loyalty program gives your customers access to exclusive perks, attractive discounts, and a fun way to engage with your brand every time they log in to your store. 

Upgrade your marketing apps by using loyalty data to supercharge your email marketing and subscription tools, incentivizing reviews with points, rewarding customers at the point of sale, and more.

smile rewards & loyaltyby smile io


  • An eye-catching pop up rewards panel that’s easy to customize
  • Launch your program in less than a day 
  • Get started for free
  • One-click integrations with best-in-class apps

Shoppable Instagram & UGC.

The app makes it easy for your customers to shop your Instagram posts & UGC in the most relevant spots on your site. For example, adding UGC & IG Content to Email; Display UGC & Use it Legally.

shoppable instagram & ugc by foursixty


  • Shoppable Instagram Galleries. Anywhere.
  • Shoppable UGC Galleries. Anywhere.
  • Collect UGC via @tags @mentions
  • Product Specific Insta & UGC galleries on Product Pages
  • Shop Instagram & UGC Galleries for Email Campaigns & Abandoned Cart
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Instagram Content & Instagram Stories Analytics
  • Shop Instagram galleries in your Cart & Collection Pages

Gleam Competitions

This app is an online competitions platform that can help you expand and engage your audience. Due to its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that lets you customize any competition to fit your needs.

The app also has a native Shopify integration that allows you to install your campaign on a Shopify page or manually embed it on your pages.

gleam competitions shopify app


  • Huge List of Entry Methods
  • Support Over 30+ Common Email Marketing Providers
  • Collect Media From Entrants
  • Designed For Shopify

AI‑led Cross‑Channel Marketing

Join the smartest cross-channel advertising app for your Shopify Store and start creating AI-driven ad campaigns for your products at scale. Reach out to new customers, increase relevant traffic to your Shopify store, and increase orders.

You don’t need to be an expert in advertising to do this. You also don’t need to know about Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads. The Artificial Intelligence-driven advertising app takes care of everything.

ai-led cross-channel marketing shopify app


  • Unified Advertising
  • AI-driven Advertising
  • Free Analytics

Instagram shop by SNPT

SNPT is an eCommerce suite of tools to help turn your Instagram fans & followers into buyers. Due to the fact that The SNPT platform offers easy-to-use tools for converting your social media content into Social Shopping Experiences.

Besides, Dynamic Shoppable Galleries, memorable Shop the Look Cards, and informative Product Page Galleries have incredible thumb-stopping power, increasing basket size and boosting sales by giving your customers Shopper Confidence.

instagram shop shopify app


  • Fetch images from your Instagram feed
  • Tag images with your products using SNPT’s plug-n-play Shopify store integration
  • Embed shoppable galleries and carousels directly in your store and product pages
  • Measure the uplift of your best looks with every sale

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