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Top 6 Free Power BI Templates for Sales Management

Developing effective sales management strategies is crucial for businesses aiming to maximize performance and increase revenue. Microsoft’s Power BI, a business analytics tool, provides a robust platform for analyzing data, sharing insights, and making informed decisions. 

Utilizing appropriate Power BI templates can greatly improve your sales management process. In this article, we will explore the top 5 Power BI templates for sales management, each addressing various aspects of sales and performance tracking.

1. HexaSync Power BI Template for Sales – Template 1

Power BI Template

Download This Template

Overview: This report template offers a concise overview of key revenue metrics, including product sales, revenue by warehouse, and growth rates. Viewers can quickly identify trends and opportunities for revenue growth with visually engaging charts and interactive features. 

Key Insights for the Power BI Example Dashboard:

  • Daily Revenue Management and Order Analysis: these templates provide a comprehensive dashboard that visualizes daily sales figures, highlighting trends and pinpointing areas of concern.
  • Monthly and Quarterly Income Visualization: detailed insights enable financial planners and business owners to assess their company’s performance over time, identify seasonal trends, and make informed decisions on budget allocation, investment opportunities, and growth strategies
  • Warehouse Efficiency Tracking: allows companies to track and analyze the performance of each warehouse, providing key metrics such as order fulfillment rates, inventory levels, and logistical costs, helps company understand the efficiency levels of different warehouses
  • Store Growth Monitoring: monitoring the growth of each store is essential for regional strategy development and resource allocation. This template allows tracking monthly growth metrics for each store, including sales volume, customer acquisition rates, and revenue growth.

You can effortlessly utilize templates by integrating your daily sales data from your retail channels into Power BI, enabling dynamic, real-time updates to your charts. Explore further at Sapo and Power BI Integration.

2. HexaSync Power BI Template for Sales – Template 2

beehexa image 61

Download This Template

Overview: This template is tailored for sales teams looking to utilize educational content from Udemy to improve their sales performance. The report aids sales teams in monitoring sales metrics, subscriber counts, and course review rates. 

The dashboard charts offer insights into course growth trends over time and viewer engagement rates, empowering Udemy to develop strategies to enhance sales effectively.

Key Insights for Power BI Example Dashboard:

  • Revenue Management for Courses & Subjects: Power BI templates allow for efficient management of course and subject revenues, enabling the calculation of average revenue per course. This insight helps identify high-performing areas and optimize offerings.
  • Price Change Analysis: By categorizing study groups based on duration (e.g., less than 1 year, more than 2 years), these templates help in analyzing and understanding the impact of price changes over time. This insight is crucial for strategic pricing decisions.
  • Registration Monitoring: Keep track of registration trends by level, offering a clear view of demand and popularity across different courses or subjects. This data is vital for adjusting marketing strategies and resource allocation.

3. HexaSync Power BI Template for Sales – Template 3

beehexa image 62

Download This Template

Overview: Ideal for businesses engaged in self-manufacturing and retail, this template provides a comprehensive overview of sales data over time, categorized by color, vehicle model, and revenue by region. It allows businesses to analyze revenue data from various perspectives, offering a 360-degree view of their sales activities.

Key Insights for Power BI Example Dashboard:

  • Overall Finances & Regional Growth: Power BI templates give you a clear view of your company’s financial health and track growth across different regions. This helps in understanding where the company stands and in which areas it’s expanding.
  • Branch Effectiveness & Categorization: Dive into the performance of each branch with details categorized by color, vehicle model, and revenue by region. This visualization allows for a detailed comparison and assessment of branch efficiency.
  • Weekly Sales Growth Control: Monitor and control your sales growth on a weekly basis with Power BI templates. This frequent check-in helps in staying updated with sales trends and making quick adjustments as needed.

4. HexaSync Power BI Template for Sales – Template 4

Power BI Template

Download This Template

Overview: This report provides a comprehensive overview of sales data across various products and regions. It allows businesses to track sales trends, and identify the best markets to make informed decisions regarding marketing strategies and inventory management.

Key Insights for Power BI Example Dashboard:

  • Year-over-Year Revenue Trends: Track and display revenue fluctuations over time in comparison to the previous year, offering valuable insights into sales trends and overall performance.
  • Gender-Based Revenue Analysis: Analyze and visualize how revenue from men’s and women’s clothing varies over time, helping to identify product trends and consumer preferences.
  • Top Performing Countries: Highlight and focus on the top five countries generating the highest revenue, guiding strategic market prioritization and resource allocation.
  • State-Wise Revenue Comparison: This visualization compares revenue contributions from different states, offering a clear view of regional performance and potential areas for expansion.

5. HexaSync Power BI Template for Sales – Template 5

Power BI Template

Download This Template

Overview: Focused on tracking profits and their fluctuations over time, this template provides insights into factors influencing profit and its allocation. The chart helps understand the profit’s dynamics, enabling planners to devise effective growth strategies.

Key Insights for Power BI Example Dashboard:

  • Profit Performance Insights: Identify where profits peak and dip, offering a clear view of profit performance throughout the year and highlighting opportunities for improvement.
  • Monthly Profit Breakdown: Analyze profits on a month-by-month basis, allowing for timely strategic adjustments to enhance profitability.
  • Profit Distribution Analysis: Understand how profit ratios vary by factors like supplier, location, age, purchase status, and gender. This detailed analysis supports targeted decision-making and fine-tuning of strategies to boost profit margins.

6. HexaSync Power BI Template for Sales – Template 6

Power BI Template

Download This Template

Overview: This template is designed for retail and e-commerce businesses, offering a deep dive into sales data, customer behavior, and product performance. It allows businesses to analyze data from multiple sources, providing an overview of their sales operations.

Key Insights for Power BI Example Dashboard:

  • Comprehensive Sales Overview: Power BI templates provide managers with crucial metrics for a full view of their current sales status, supporting thorough performance evaluation and informed strategic planning.
  • Performance Against Targets: Equip the company with essential performance indicators compared to targets, offering a transparent review of performance across various segments.
  • Focus on Top Performers: Identify and highlight the best-performing subcategories, allowing managers to strategically allocate resources and efforts where they’re most effective.
  • Trend Visualization and Growth Tracking: Visualize sales trends across years to uncover growth patterns, aiding in the establishment of realistic and ambitious development goals.

How to Use Power BI Template For Sales Management

To use this template, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the template from the provided link.

beehexa image 14

Step 2: Open Power BI Desktop or your compatible version.

beehexa image 15

Step 4: In Power BI, select ‘File’ on the toolbar, then choose ‘Open’ and select the .pbix file you downloaded from step 1.

beehexa image 17

Step 4: Once the file is open, you’ll see the dashboard containing the charts and information cards described in the overview. You can interact with these sections to gain insights into sales performance and related trends.

beehexa image 21

Step 5: To customize the dashboard for your specific needs, you can change the data source, edit charts, or edit data using Power BI features like Power Query and Power Pivot.

beehexa image 22

Step 6: Once you’ve finished editing and customizing the dashboard, you can save the .pbix file and publish it to Power BI Service to share with colleagues or your manager.

beehexa image 18
beehexa image 19

Keep in mind that to understand how to use specific features of Power BI to interact with and edit the dashboard, you may need to refer to Power BI’s documentation or take training courses on Udemy or other online education platforms.


Leveraging these Power BI templates for sales management can transform your sales strategy, providing the insights needed to make data-driven decisions. Each template caters to different sales and performance tracking aspects, ensuring that businesses can find the right tool to meet their unique needs. Hopes your sales teams can use these 6 free Power BI Templates to optimize strategies, improve performance, and ultimately drive greater revenue growth.

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