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How to Integrate Magento 2 with POS Systems?

The POS system has contributed a lot of value to running productive businesses because of its superior features. However, businesses that use the Magento platform to build tons of stores may waste money if their POS is not used correctly. In this article, we’d like to share all our knowledge about Magento 2 POS integration for your reference.

Benefits of POS software

A point of sale (POS) system allows your customers to pay for the products and services they purchase from your store. It’s generally composed of both hardware and software components, which work together to streamline your payment processes.

Besides, the modern POS has tons of features that help your business run smoothly and streamline. 

Bellowing are benefits of POS software

  • Improved accuracy: If you do not use POS, the customer payment process will be calculated manually by the cashier, this is a reason for a shortfall in money due to errors in calculation. So, using POS helps your business save a lot of money.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Using POS is the way to help your business boost speed and make customers satisfied with a positive shopping experience. Hence, POS also helps boost revenue constantly.
  • Offers Detailed Customer Insights: With all data that POS collected from customers: the habit of shopping, information of customers, purchase frequency,… The owner can easily create campaigns to reach potential customers or turn old customers into loyal customers. 
  • Saves Managerial Time: The things that make the owner waste their time are managing inventory, keeping track of employees, or analyzing data of customers to come up with reasonable policies for the Marketing of their business. However, with POS you can save a lot of time managing. Because in recent years, POS cloud-based applications have had these features.
  • Accept different payment methods: This is one of the most important things for all types of businesses. Because now, people tend to limit using cash or buying online, if your store does not use a POS system, it is a disadvantage for you because it significantly limits customer purchases. Meanwhile, POS software supports many payment methods to make shopping easier for customers.
  • Simple reporting: With POS software, you can export reports easily in real-time. This is very important when you want to make a quick decision.

Above are the benefits of POS software, you can read to consider choosing the right POS to fit your business.

Which POS systems integrate with Magento 2?

As I mentioned above, integration is a solution for the disadvantage of POS systems. However, in recent years, Magento POS providers have upgraded that allows POS system complete integration with Magento. This is an outstanding point that POS providers take as a competitive point in the industry. 

But, Do you know what POS systems are integrated with Magento 2?

I’ll go over a number of POS systems that work with Magento 2:

Magento POS integration system
Magento integration POS system

Above are 5 POS systems that allow integration with Magento. Those Magento POS leading with integration solutions that you need to consider for the benefits this solution can bring to your business. 

Now, I will show you more benefits of integrating POS with Magento for your store. 

  • Streamlined inventory management: With your selling channels in sync, you can worry less about double entries or inventory inaccuracies, and prevent issues around products being sold that are no longer in stock.
  • A better shopping experience for your customers: If you keep track of your inventory using a POS system that integrates with Magento, you can direct customers to the right store or offer to place an order and then have it shipped to their home: Order online – Ship from Store, Order in store – Ship from Warehouse, Order in store – Ship to your door. This flexibility helps customers feel comfortable and convenient in the shopping process.
  • Powerful reports and insights: As noted above, if you integrate Magento with POS, you can collect data on customers both online and offline, from there making decisions about promotion, PR, and customer care policy are easier than ever.

What to consider before choosing a POS system for your business?

Integration is one of many things you can consider to choose the right POS system for your business. But, that’s not all. Making the decision to choose a POS system is not easy. Thus, this part will show you tips to select the best one for your business.

  • Define business needs: You have to deeply understand what your business needs. The size of your business, development roadmap,… And are the features of the POS system beneficial to your business? These factors will impact choosing a POS system (POS type and the POS of the feature has)
  • Come up with a budget: This is so important because How much you’d like to spend on your POS system will decide What type of POS and What Magento providers you can choose. Remember that the least expensive option isn’t necessarily suited to your needs.
  • Reporting: It is perfectly reasonable to expect all reports to be automatic, you can export any type of report immediately in real-time including Top selling items, inventory reorder, buying frequency reports, sales and inventory activity by date range, and customer activity,… These reports are essential to a variety of departments within your business. However not all POS systems have that function. So, you need to research and choose the POS most suitable for your business.
  • Multiple payment options: If your POS system limits payment options, you will lose customers, because, during the covid-19 pandemic, the buying habits of customers changed, they shop online more and use credit cards, and money payment apps instead of cash.
  • Integration: You are probably familiar with the concept of POS integration. As I mentioned above, Integration will help the owner save time and save money. It automates all the information that should be done manually. Thus, if your business is multi-channel sales, surely you must have this feature in your store. Let’s consider choosing the POS integration best fit your business.

Besides the tips above, you can consider many factors when choosing a POS system, like system type, support of the POS system provider, usability, inventory management, customer relationship management, employee management, a marketing tool,…

How to integrate Magento 2 with POS systems?

In this article, I show why your store needs to integrate with POS and the benefits this solution can bring to your business. Your integration will depend on the systems of Magento and POS that you have. And, there are tons of ways to integrate Magento 2 with POS systems. Let’s dig into this part to find the solution that fits your business.

Magento 2 POS extensions

First, you should upgrade the POS system you chose; reviewing your system will help you identify flaws, and create a roadmap to integrate your store with the POS system. 

But if you haven’t used the POS system before, the Magento 2 POS extension is a great solution for you if you want to integrate Magento 2 with the POS system. 

In the market, Magento 2 POS extension providers have been upgraded and almost all of them have integration features. 

Of course, this solution will help you address integration issues. To choose the right Magento 2 POS extension, you can refer to this article, “Top 10+ Magento POS Extensions in 2021| Prices and Features” and “Top 9 Magento Extension Providers in 2021 [Updated]” to find a trusted provider for your business.

Magento 2 POS integration
Magento 2 POS extension

Magento 2 POS integration solution

If you can’t find an existing solution that matches your needs or if off-the-shelf alternatives don’t appeal to you, you can have one made just for your company.

Magento-POS integration employs software to connect a company’s online and offline point-of-sale systems. The business that links Magento’s website with POS software will increase operational efficiency and provide a seamless shopping experience for its clients.

You can look to those who provide integrated solutions, Hexasync is an example. This tool helps you integrate your POS system on multiple platforms. Acting as middleware will help your business automate its operations seamlessly by connecting perfectly to both your POS systems and Magento stores.

Hexasync integration platform

Another way is that you can totally customize a POS integration module for your businesses, add whatever features you want, and make it fit your style. You should hire a Magento POS expert to complete this module.

Final Words

In summary, if you run a business and want to do all things automated on multi-channel sales and boost your revenue and work efficiency, you must have the Magento POS integration solution. Sooner than later, keep track of your business and find a good solution to take it to the next level. 

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