Hexasyn demo playlist

HexaSync Demo Playlist

What is HexaSync?

HexaSync Integration Platform is a Hybrid Integration Platform that helps businesses automate their operations by connecting perfectly to both Legacy systems and modern SaaS applications.

“Connecting applications, automating processes” – The slogan that makes sense should be “With the HexaSync Integration Platform, we can integrate a lot of apps”. HexaSync can help your business save a lot of time and resources. By synchronizing data between different platforms, work gets done faster with greater efficiency.

To see how HexaSync works, you can watch videos on the Beehexa channel. We made the Integrated Playlists about HexaSync demonstrations.

HexaSync demo playlist

HexaSync Integration Demo

In this part, we will show you 7 playlists. These simulate a common process that the customer normally operates like order process or product information, but instead of the customer having to do it manually, we will show how HexaSync works to help the customer do it automatically.

HexaSync demo playlist

The systems that are available demo:

Livestream series

#TakeFive is a series of monthly live demonstration broadcasts that brings our audience a closer look into each system HexaSync is working with and how HexaSync can interact with them. During the Livestream, our host and guests will help the audiences address their questions directly through the Q&A sessions.

KiotViet Integration Demo

KiotViet is the most popular Point of sale in VietNam. KiotViet POS system can easily be connected with the eCommerce platforms using our HexaSync. This playlist describes how data moves from KiotViet to eCommerce and vice versa using HexaSync.

SAP Business 1 Integration

SAP Business One is a business management software. In this playlist, we implement demonstrations so everyone can understand how to synchronize data between complex ERP systems and other systems.

Shopify Integration

You can see the way HexaSync works through this playlist. We made demonstration videos with Shopify and various systems such as ERP, CRM, POS, ACCOUNTING, DELIVERY Systems, etc. 

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is accounting software. You can integrate QuickBooks with eCommerce using HexaSync. This playlist will help you to see the following benefits of HexaSync. 

  • Synchronize your sales, products, and customer data. 
  • Keep your accountants accurate and up to date.
  • Get an honest look at your business.

Success Stories

We described successful integration cases of our customers with animated videos. The video shows customers’ problems and what we have done to help our customers optimize resources and time. 

HexaSync Integration Demonstration

This playlist summarizes all the demos of the systems that Beehexa is working on.

In the future, we will create more topics and describe them with animated videos. 

Hopefully, through these playlists, you can understand more about HexaSync and we will have the opportunity to work together. 

Hexasyn demo playlist

HexaSync Demo Playlist

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