beehexa the hexasync is now available on microsoft appsource

The HexaSync integration platform is now available on Microsoft AppSource


Microsoft AppSource is an online store that offers a range of business applications and services built by industry-leading software providers. It helps businesses to discover, try, and acquire applications that meet their needs and provides tools for deployment and management. 

HexaSync application is now available on Microsoft AppSource

Today, Beehexa proudly announces that the HeaSync integration app is now available for installation on Microsoft AppSource. It is a powerful app that allows users to synchronize data between two systems.

What is the HexaSync integration platform?

HexaSync on Microsoft AppSource is an integration app that allows businesses to connect and integrate Microsoft Dynamics applications with other systems. By installing HexaSync from AppSource, you can automate some of the business processes, such as customer data, sales order data, and inventory data.

hexasync integration platform

With user-friendly features and an intuitive design, HexaSync provides a comprehensive approach to integrating data on both the cloud and on-premises. Besides, the user can track and control the process with the HexaSync monitor feature to know if the synchronization transaction is a success or failure and why. It means you can know precisely the errors and solve them if they are not related to technology.

How to get the HexaSync integration App in the Microsoft AppSource?

HexaSync application is now available on Microsoft AppSource

Now, customers can easily install the HexaSync integration application on Microsoft AppSource. With the currently updated version HexaSync, you can integrate some eCommerce platforms with the Microsoft Dynamics apps. It includes:

What’s next?

We all know Microsoft is a giant enterprise software vendor with numerous applications that support worldwide digital transformation, including Dynamics ERP(s), Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 CRM, PowerBI, Power Platform, Teams, Linkedin, and Azure Cloud. 

With the HexaSync Integration Platform, we will help connect Microsoft Dynamics F&O to all other systems to automate business operations, facilitate quicker decision-making, and boost productivity and competitive advantages for numerous enterprises throughout the world.

If you still have questions, please contact us and request a discussion to learn more about the new or private offers. Keep an eye out for more to come from Beehexa and Microsoft!

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