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Haravan And Beehexa Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement

Starting in 2012, Beehexa is an integration solution provider that has successfully developed our middleware, called the HexaSync Integration Platform, to transfer data between different systems. HexaSync helps connect SaaS and legacy applications to automate business processes smoothly, automatically, and effectively. With that prospect in mind, we are always looking forward to partnering with excellent experts in the eCommerce industry to drive growth for merchants worldwide. 

haravan and beehexa

And today, we are honored to announce the official partnership between Haravan and Beehexa. From now on, we will work with each other to gravitate toward helping merchandisers automate their business processes perfectly.

Partner Introduction: Haravan 

Haravan is one of the leading Vietnam technology companies, providing omnichannel retail solutions, eCommerce, and engagement marketing. With the mission to make commerce better, Haravan tries to give practical values, effective business solutions, and cutting-edge technologies to businesses.

Haravan Solution: 

  • Website Construction
  • Social Commerce
  • Sales Manager
  • Omnichannel retail
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Selling on the Marketplace

What can you expect from the Haravan and Beehexa Partnership?

With approximately 10 years of experience in eCommerce solutions, Haravan will offer various solutions to create online brands, retail success, and disruptive marketing. Beehexa and the HexaSync Integration Platform will support an integrated solution for online businesses to automate their operational processes. The connection of HexaSync and Haravan platform enables a complete solution for customers to manage their data in one place. Our partnership will enable more automation for eCommerce merchants managing selling to fulfillment, selling on multiple marketplaces, and POS systems. 

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