Channelangine and beehexa partnership annoucement

ChannelEngine and Beehexa Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement

Channelengine and beehexa partnership annoucement

Beehexa developed the HexaSync Integration Platform to transfer data between different systems seamlessly. HexaSync helps connect modern SaaS applications with legacy systems to automate business operations smoothly, automatically, and effectively. We always look forward to partnering with experts in the enterprise software industry to drive growth for businesses worldwide. 

We are honored to announce the official partnership between ChannelEngine and Beehexa. The partnership integrates the strength of both parties’ platforms to help merchandisers automate their business processes and run operations efficiently.

Partner Introduction – ChannelEngine

ChannelEngine And Beehexa Partnership Announcement

ChannelEngine enables globally distributed e-commerce, managed through a powerful suite of tools and partner ecosystem, to maximize sales and profit while reducing international sales’ complexity and minimizing the effort and needed workforce for direct-to-consumer e-commerce. ChannelEngine bridges any gap between current ERP/PIM/WMS/e-commerce platforms and external sales channels. Through ChannelEngine, brands and sellers can streamline their operations – synchronizing stocks, prices, and orders all in one place.

ChannelEngine is the complete marketplace management suite. Their features are built with years of real-world e-commerce experience, helping their clients sell products on more channels and connect to over 200 marketplaces worldwide, including Shopee and Lazada in Southeast Asia.

ChannelEngine features:

  • Fully integrate your business with international marketplaces
  • Complete control over what’s sold where
  • Create custom prices for each channel
  • Reprice to win the Buy Box
  • Fulfill orders from your systems
  • Integrates with all your existing systems

What can you expect from ChannelEngine and Beehexa Partnership?

ChannelEngine, as mentioned, helps stores, brands, and distributors find millions of new customers by connecting them to the biggest marketplaces. It is the most complete, one-stop solution to do more with marketplaces. With the connection between HexaSync and the ChannelEngine platform enables a complete solution for customers to manage their data in one place. Our partnership will enable more automation for eCommerce merchants managing selling to fulfillment, selling on multiple marketplaces, and operating on a single ERP, WMS, or PIM software. 

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