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How to update orders between Lightspeed and Shopify?

A seamless sales order process can help business owners easily create a sales order template for management. In this guide, we’ll explore practical strategies to streamline this process and minimize errors.

How to update orders between Lightspeed and Shopify?

Shopify, commanding a significant share of the eCommerce market, stands as a leading platform empowering businesses worldwide to create and manage their online stores. Let’s check out our Shopify reviews to discover more about this powerful platform.
Besides, Lightspeed POS also has a considerable position in the POS market. It meets the diverse needs of retailers across various industries. Let’s check out the Lightspeed POS review to find out more interesting things about this system.

Syncing order data from Shopify to Lightspeed through the HexaSync integration platform can be implemented through APIs and access tokens. Working as middleware, HexaSync can easily access and collect data from Lightspeed and then map the data in Shopify to update order information.

In addition, one of the most useful HexaSync features allows businesses to monitor data. Users can see exactly how to update orders between Lightspeed and Shopify. So, you can even detect problems during the integration process and handle them promptly if they need to be more technical.

update orders between Lightspeed and Shopify

Besides, users can schedule the integration time based on demand on the Scheduler tab. By default, the data will be updated from 10 seconds to 1 minute. However, you can set up for each task if you want it faster or slower.

schedule time to update data

What order data fields can HexaSync integrate between Shopify and Lightspeed?

In fact, some data fields on Lightspeed do not match on Shopify, and vice versa, so it may be quite difficult to transfer all order information between them. However, with its flexible integration capabilities, HexaSync will contain all types of orders between Lightspeed and Shopify, and then it can format the data on each platform. HexaSync can sync various order data fields, such as: 

  • Order Id
  • Order name
  • Order number
  • Order Status
  • Currency
  • Total line item price
  • Total item number
  • Total discount, discount codes
  • Total tax
  • Total shipping
  • Gateway
  • Customer id
  • Billing address and phone number

HexaSync creates an environment to comprise all types of data between Shopify and Lightspeed and map them to each integration demand.

How do I check sales order automation by the HexaSyn integration platform?

Let’s watch the following video to see how HexaSync integrates orders from Shopify to Lightspeed.

  • On the Shopify backend, create a new order.
create a new order.
  • When we are done, we will get an order number, for example, #1045.
get an order number
  • Go to Lightspeed → Sales → Sales History.
Go to Lightspeed → Sales → Sales History.
  • We can see that the new order has been synced from Shopify to Lightspeed in real time.
has been synced from Shopify to Lightspeed in real time

Shopify Lightspeed Integration Series

Besides updating orders between Lightspeed and Shopify, HexaSync can integrate various types of data between Shopify and Lightspeed, including:

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