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How to cancel Shopify subscription? – Guide 2024


Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform globally, with 4.6 million online stores using Shopify. Shopify is considered a tool that meets many factors for businesses of all sizes and fields. 

However, many factors make you cancel your Shopify subscription in the business process. It could be your business is no longer suitable for the platform, or budget, or you want to find another suitable platform. Whatever the reason, canceling a Shopify subscription needs to be done properly to ensure you preserve data and don’t have future problems. That’s why I wrote this blog: How to cancel Shopify subscription? – Guide 2024

Popular reasons why people cancel Shopify subscription

In my experience working with many businesses using Shopify, here are 5 common reasons why businesses cancel their Shopify subscriptions despite its awesomeness.

Migrate to another platform: Currently, there are many eCommerce platforms, so finding a new platform that is more suitable for your business and deciding to cancel Shopify subscription is understandable.

Close the Shopify store and eCommerce business: In this era, millions of businesses compete every day, and it is easy to see businesses closing stores or wanting to focus on offline sales. So canceling a Shopify subscription is reasonable.

Don’t have enough budget for the Shopify platform: During the operation process, the business encountered difficulties and wanted to cut unnecessary expenses, leading to the decision to cancel the Shopify subscription.

The free trial period has ended: In 2024, you can try Shopify for free for 3 days, and $1 for the first month. After your trial expires, you can choose a plan that suits the size and stage of your business. Or cancel the Shopify subscription to move to another better platform.

Unsatisfactory Service: When you use any platform, untimely user support that affects your business is an important reason why users look for alternative platforms. If you encounter negative experiences with Shopify, this is also a convincing reason to cancel Shopify subscription.

How to cancel Shopify subscription? Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Log in to your admin Shopify and select the Shopify store that you want to cancel the subscription

beehexa log in to shopify store
Log in to Shopify store

Step 2: Security before canceling Shopify subscription – Log out all devices and turn off the authentication method

  • Click on your name at the top right corner
  • Click on Manage Account
beehexa manage account 01
Manage account
  • The general page will appear
  • Select the Security option
beehexa select security
Select Security
  • Check to see if you have logged out on all other devices, if not, choose to log out
beehexa log out all devices
Log out all devices
  • Then you need to turn off or disable the authentication method
beehexa turn off authentication methods
Turn off authentication methods

Step 3: Uninstall all the apps that you connected to your Shopify store

A small note you need to pay attention to ensure you are not charged unnecessary fees before canceling is that if you have any third-party apps that are connected to your Shopify store, make sure you remove them and unsubscribe every single application because there might be an app that you pay for and that’s connected to your account when you close your account and if you haven’t disconnected the app from your store you might get charged for that app so uninstall the apps that are connected to your Shopify store

Step 4: How to cancel Shopify subscription?

How to cancel Shopify subscription? Let’s check this section.

  • Click Setting
beehexa setting
Click setting
  • Click on the plan
  • Click Deactivate store
beehexa deactivate store 01
Deactivate Shopify store
  • Select the main reason you are closing your Shopify store.
beehexa select reason 01
Select reason
  • Click deactivate store again
beehexa deactivate store again
Deactivate store

Not that your store information will be stored for 2 years. You can reactivate the store any time you want. 

beehexa cancel shopify subscription
Cancel Shopify Subscription

Top 5 Alternatives of Shopify

If you want to find out other eCommerce platforms after canceling your Shopify subscription, here are the top 5 platforms you should consider because of their flexibility and functionality.

  1. Wix
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Magento 
  4. BigCommerce
  5. Squarespace

Each platform has different pros and cons and offers online store owners different features, pricing, and benefits. Let’s choices depending on your business needs. 

Shopify Cancellation FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many trial days does Shopify have?

Shopify has a 3 days trial and $1 for the first month

2. Can I cancel my Shopify subscription at any time?

Yes, if you decide that Shopify isn’t the best eCommerce platform for your business, you can cancel your account. 

3. After canceling my Shopify subscription, can I register again?

Of course, you can reactive the store any time you want, however, Shopify just stores your store information for 2 years. 

4. Can I still access my Shopify admin when I deactivate my store?

No, Shopify noted that “After you deactivate your store, you will no longer have access to Shopify admin – including your sales data, reports, or product and customer information. If you decide to give it another try, Shopify will retain that information so you can kickstart your store with ease”


Whatever the reason, you decide to cancel your Shopify subscription. Shopify makes the Shopify subscription cancellation process easy and flexible. By following the step-by-step instructions on how to cancel Shopify subscription that I have provided in this article, you can easily manage your subscriptions based on your business needs.

Remember, you can always resume your store or choose a different plan when you’re ready to get back to business.

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