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How can influencer marketing boost sales in your Shopify store?


Starting your e-commerce store is just the first step in taking your business to a wider audience. To achieve what you intend to do, you ought to adopt influencer marketing for your Shopify store. 

Influencers and creators have taken over social media in the last few years. The biggest brands have begun leveraging the reach of social media and its influencers to reach their target audience. 

In this blog, we will explore how to boost the sales of your Shopify store using influencer marketing. 

What is Shopify influencer marketing?

Shopify influencer marketing is when you onboard popular influencers and creators in your niche to promote your products and services. These influencers will be rewarded in exchange for the successful sales they bring. 

Influencer marketing is a form of affiliate marketing on Shopify. Once an influencer is recruited to be part of the influencer program of a Shopify store, they are given a dedicated referral code. Influencers can promote this code to their social media audience. 

For every sale made using their code, the influencers will be incentivized in the form of commission, cash, gift cards, or coupons. Any new customer using an influencer’s code will also be awarded a certain discount on their first purchase. 

This will encourage influencers to actively promote the business and customers to purchase from the Shopify store. 

How can Influencer Marketing help your Shopify store?

Influencer marketing can help your Shopify store in more ways than just one

Here are the various benefits of Shopify influencer marketing:

  1. Skyrocket Sales: Based on a report by Matter, 69% of consumers trust recommendations while making their purchase decisions. In today’s era, people like to be fully aware of something before investing their time and money. 

With the help of influencers whom these consumers have placed major trust in, people will be more open to purchasing. 

Automatically, the sales of the Shopify store will be elevated by acquiring many new customers. 

Shopify Influencer marketing statistics
  1. Broaden Visibility and Awareness: Social media is a vast medium. Over half of the world’s population is part of one or more social media platforms. Influencers dominate these platforms. 

Using Shopify influencer marketing to feature these businesses on the pages of these influencers will help reach more people than traditional marketing could. This also helps largely in brand building, as the audience will begin associating your brand name with the business. 

  1. Increase Authenticity and Trust: Influencers who join your Shopify influencer marketing program have meticulously curated their online presence and follower base. These followers trust the influencers, which in turn enhances the credibility of the products they endorse.

Using these influencers to try and review your products is also a way of building solid social proof that can vouch for the authenticity of your business. 

  1. Reach a Niche Audience: Influencers or creators from a particular niche will already have an audience that is interested in similar topics. So, collaborating with niche-specific creators for your Shopify influencer marketing can help you reach the right audience for your products. 

Additionally, this targeted approach ensures that your marketing efforts are more efficient and effective. You can create more authentic and engaging content that resonates with potential customers.

  1. Cost-effective: When it comes to Shopify influencer marketing, it isn’t like throwing daggers in the dark. For every penny spent, you will surely gain something in return in the form of sales, reach, or visibility.

The Return on Investment (ROI) is high in this form of marketing. Therefore, this will also be suitable to adopt during the scaling of the business. 

By building brand awareness and credibility, you can increase the traffic of your Shopify store. Authenticity and social proof showcased by the involvement of a trustworthy influencer will bring more sales to your Shopify store. 

Strategies to Elevate Influencer Marketing in Your Shopify Store

Hire the Right Influencers 

There are numerous influencers on different social media platforms. However, not everyone with a large number of followers will be the right pick to promote your Shopify store. 

Conduct thorough research before onboarding influencers for your Shopify influencer marketing. These influencers ought to be popular in the niche of your business and have followers who will be interested in your products. 

Additionally, make sure to collect the media kit of the influencers to know their reach and impressions to identify if they have an organic impact on their audience. 

For example, if you are a fitness brand, it makes sense to promote your product among fitness enthusiasts rather than travel lovers. 

Create Compelling Content

One of the biggest assets of Shopify influencer marketing is User-Generated Content (UGC). It is nothing but content created by creators on social media to promote the brand. 

This content by collaborators feels authentic to the audience and therefore more appealing than the ads given by the business itself. 

Shopify stores, together with influencers, can create relevant and original content that tells the brand’s story and connects with the audience.

This strategy improves brand credibility as potential customers see real people using and endorsing the products. It also boosts sales as people engage with the business and shop with them.

Furthermore, continuous collaboration and UGC will keep the content fresh and, hence, keep interest in the business alive. 

Adopt different platforms.

According to Datareportal, there are more than 2 billion users on seven major social media platforms and half a billion on the other 14 platforms. While all the platforms have their pros and cons, it is imperative to find out which are the right ones for your business and niche. 

The strategies and benefits of Shopify influencer marketing are common across all platforms. However, the type of content people consume on each platform differs. For instance, YouTube is primarily for video content, while Pinterest is for aesthetic photos. 

Analyze the types of audiences and content that are effective on various platforms, and select the best one for your business.

Shopify Influencer marketing platform 

Measure and Refine your Program 

The work on the Shopify store doesn’t end with creating a Shopify influencer marketing program and recruiting creators for the same. It is only half the job done. The next and most important part is measuring the performance and optimizing for better results. 

There are various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) associated with influencer programs on Shopify. Some KPIs are traffic, conversions, reach, impressions, etc. 

Determine the KPI relevant to your influencer marketing program. Continuously measure them to ensure your program is going in the direction of your expected outcome. 

Insights from this analysis can help you redefine your program and optimize it for better results. It can equally help while scaling the business as well.  

Use Shopify Automation Apps 

Shopify has numerous apps that can automate all the efforts involved in your Shopify influencer marketing campaign. 

These Shopify apps will help you create influencer programs from scratch and tailor the rewards and discounts based on your needs and requirements. 

Automation apps in Shopify will help you create and customize unique referral codes for each referral. This will help you easily share the codes on social media. 

Most importantly, these apps will help pay the influencers quickly and transparently. This will reduce the stress of tiresome financial transactions. 

Shopify apps are also designed in a way to provide important analysis for reference that can help to effortlessly optimize the influencer program. 

Apart from this, Shopify owners can also create and customize influencer marketing landing pages for your Shopify store. 


The initial phase of brand building involves not only reaching the appropriate audience but also establishing credibility for the business. Utilizing Shopify influencer marketing emerges as a crucial strategy for accomplishing these objectives.

By leveraging influencers, businesses can effectively connect with their target demographic and enhance trust in their brand. Embrace the strategies mentioned in the blog to elevate your Shopify store’s success with influencer marketing. 

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