Beehexa honor to unlock $150K Azure Credits for Scaling HexaSync Integration Platform

unlock $150K Azure

Understanding tons of difficulties of the founders from initializing a product to scaling a company, Microsoft established Microsoft for Startups to bring people, knowledge, and benefits together to help founders solve startup challenges. One of the biggest benefits of this program is free Azure credits

One of our friends, Ms. Minh Tu (Michelle, Partner Manager of NetApp Vietnam) knew that we have been looking for this kind of support for a long time and then connected us to Mr. Hoang Nguyen (SMB Country Manager of Microsoft Vietnam) in June for submitting the application to Microsoft.

Briefly about us, we developed the HexaSync Integration Platform to help companies connect their applications (both SaaS and Legacy systems) to operate their business smoothly, automatically, and effectively. Specifically, HexaSync is built on .Net Core Framework and deployed to the cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure to deliver the integrations to customers. 

Our team was quite nervous because HexaSync has been at the Scale Stage and $150K is a huge amount of credits. But amazingly, after an extremely 2-week long, Microsoft granted HexaSync the highest level of the sponsorship program with a lot of benefits:

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$150K Microsoft Azure Credits

Our Product Development Team is working hard these days to migrate HexaSync from Hetzner infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with some great advantages such as:

  • Nurturing HexaSync iPaaS approach on the leading Azure IaaS and PaaS
  • Inheriting Security, Compliance, and Disaster Recovery
  • Applying Best Practice Cloud Implementation for Enterprise Software

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Besides using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for optimizing the operation process, we can improve HexaSync Dynamics 365 Connector to deliver a better HexaSync Integration Solution to all Microsoft Dynamics customers worldwide. 

Microsoft for mentors networks

Know-how, Experience, and Trust cannot be built in a day. The network of mentors and experts can help us open a lot of doors to the world of enterprise software, bring HexaSync Integration Solutions closer to potential customers, and hopefully, drive the digital transformation globally with Microsoft’s products such as PowerBi, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Linkedin and especially Azure. 

Being CEO of Beehexa, I feel grateful that our team has been working hard to bring HexaSync to this milestone.  We especially thank to Mr. Hoang Nguyen, Microsoft Vietnam, and our friends who supported us kindly to help us scale faster with this amazing Microsoft for Startups program.  

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