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Do you know connecting data between TikTok Shop eCommerce Websites and ERP, CRM, POS, ACCOUNTING and MARKETPLACES solutions takes a lot of time, money and involves spending numerous resources? Streamline your TikTok Shop eCommerce operations with our fully managed middleware platform. Our HexaSync stays between TikTok Shop and any other systems that helps automate the data-sharing process and reduces the possibility of human error so that your company could focus on effectiveness and revenue.

Through HexaSync, businesses save a lot of time and resources as business processes run seamlessly and efficiently:

  • Faster and more accurate customer management process
  • Automated inventory management
  • Sales process updated and automated in real time
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Easy automation for busy people. Beehexa moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Automation with TikTokShop workflow

People say that data integration is complex but our product is designed to eliminate all these hurdles in the shortest time by adopting agile development process inside of their builtin features

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The key important flows of TikTok Shop and System integrations

TikTok Shop API integration significantly improves efficiency — Inventory, orders, customer data, and shipping information are all integrated between key business systems.


We enable some simple configurations steps to access your data source and destination to review all the necessary data like products, customers and orders.



Try to sync a single data point like to creating a new product, updating its stock or creating a new customer to see how the system work.



Turn the runtime service to enable real-time data sync then monitoring the data flow between the BigCommerce Website and the ERP solution.

Why choose HexaSync

"Four years ago when I found an extension on the Magento Market from Beehexa, I didn't realize how lucky I was about to become. The extension worked great out of the box, but I needed some support to customize the features. Since then the Beehexa team has provided my company with full time, certified Magento resources to handle all of the online growth for my clients. They have also allowed me to create an additional revenue stream as a VAR for the HexaSync Integration Platform to connect our client's eCommerce sites to their ERP systems. I cannot fully articulate how thankful I am for all of their help!"
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Fast Integration

Our process consultants can help you improve workflows and systems by building custom applications and integrating disparate systems.


Agile Scalability​

The Agile framework helps measure the team’s performance, identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions to correct them.


Security Compliance

We let you capture, report, and remediate security risks in real-time, that will let you pinpoint any changes that need to be made, and adhere to regulations and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the ever-evolving landscape of social commerce, TikTok Shop has emerged as a revolutionary platform, combining the viral nature of short-form video content with the convenience of online shopping. This integration not only enhances the shopping experience for users but also opens up new avenues for brands and creators to showcase their products. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what TikTok Shop is, how it operates, and the benefits it brings to the digital marketplace.

TikTok Shop has revolutionized the e-commerce landscape, providing a fertile ground for various businesses to flourish by leveraging the platform’s massive, engaged audience. Not all businesses, however, are created equal when it comes to capitalizing on TikTok’s unique ecosystem. Certain types of businesses find particularly strong synergy with TikTok Shop, thanks to the platform’s visual-centric and trend-driven nature. Here, we outline the business categories that are most suitable for TikTok Shop and strategies to maximize their success.

Integrating with TikTok Shop offers a myriad of benefits for businesses looking to tap into the burgeoning market of social commerce. By leveraging the platform’s massive user base and highly engaging content format, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of engagement, conversion, and brand loyalty. Here are some key benefits of integrating with TikTok Shop

There are many third-party apps on the market designed to integrate with BigCommerce. These add-ons increase functionality to turn any e-store into a fully functional online store management system. Hexasync provides data-integrity protection measures, as well as a cell-based mapping in order to ensure a reliable synchronization between your BigCommerce e-store and others applications.

TikTok Shop gives merchants a lot of control, especially when it comes to content, functionality, and general store outlook. With API integration solutions you can move thousands of products to others ecommerce platform and gain more business benefits. The Storefront API allows you to manage customer carts and checkouts and order information client-side. TikTok Shop API allows you to query product and customer data and store settings remotely or from a store’s front end. While the Customer Login API lets you programmatically log in customers to a TikTok Shop storefront.

At Beehexa, where API integration is a manual exercise, you don’t have to employ a team of developers and other IT staff to get everything up and running. API integrations are done via Hexasync, a SaaS platform that can offer easier options, streamline you data while also fully leveraging your existing TikTok Shop.

Beehexa utilizes the latest technologies and optimizations in the industry to deliver to you Hexasync – a real-time data sync and monitoring middleware. Hexasync provides data-integrity protection measures, as well as a cell-based mapping in order to ensure a reliable synchronization between your Magento storefront and ERP applications. Beehexa’s Magento ERP Integration is capable of handling your every kind of data, with support for various key data: Product Category, Warranty, Shipment, Customer, Warehouse, Invoice, Order, and Products.


  • Middleware: a light application-independent software that handles all the complexity of integrations
  • EAV Design Pattern: is incorporated to allow for more flexibility in data modeling
    Message Queue-Based
  • Architecture: simplifies the coding of decoupled applications and provides better performance, reliability, and scalability
  • Customizable Handlers: allow for better visibility into the statuses of your customers’ orders
  • Cell-Based Mapping: high precision mapping of single-cell data for a reliable synchronization
  • Async Integration: keeps your business updated with real-time synchronization
  • Compatible with legacy ERP applications: Connect your Magento storefront with any legacy ERP applications with ease

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