Magento 2 CloudSuite Industrial Integration

magento 2 cloudSuite industrial integration


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Slack Report

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benefits of Magento and Cloudsuite integration

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Automating Stock Update

Automatically transfer data between your Magento online stores and CloudSuite Industrial back and forth

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Improving Customers Experience

Continuously update data in both systems automatically and fulfill web orders without delay


Accelerating Your Business

Simplify multi-channel sales with automatic integration. Save lots of time and costs.

annual subscription plan


$ 3600

per year

  • 5000 deployment fee
  • 5000 orders per month
  • 20 hexasync tasks
  • Unlimited Products Sync
  • Unlimited Customers Sync


$ 10000

per year

  • 10000 deployment fee
  • 10000 orders per month
  • 100 hexasync tasks
  • Unlimited Products Sync
  • Unlimited Customers Sync


$ 25000

per year

  • 15000 deployment fee
  • 25000 orders per month
  • Unlimited Hexasync tasks
  • Unlimited Products Sync
  • Unlimited Customers Sync

our featured project

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Project detail

  • Built a new Magento 2 website for dealers
  • Build a new warranty management system on Magento 2
  • Successfully synchronized data between Magento & CloudSuite Industrial using HexaSync Integration Platform.




Indmar Marine Engines


Magento 2 Migration, Magento 2 CloudSuite Industrial Integration.



Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. A complete ERP suite also includes enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s financial results.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a full-featured, robust ERP application that can be deployed both on-premise and in the Cloud. Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a full-featured, robust ERP application that can be deployed on-premise and in the Cloud. CloudSuite Industrial works well for manufacturers in the following types of processes:

  • Engineer-to-Order
  • Configure-to-Order
  • Discrete
  • Mixed-Mode

The Magento 2 CloudSuite Industrial Integration is an extremely powerful combination. The cloud suite platform provides rich real-time information about everything going on within the enterprise. This information can be further enhanced with the integration of Magento eCommerce. It can securely expose relevant and helpful information per customer. So, the end-user would be able to see advanced information related to their order history and account information, make payments on invoices and quotes, work through refunds or issues, etc. Essentially, it allows customers to interact with data in real-time.

HexaSync is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) developed by Beehexa. It acts as a middleware that helps businesses automate the operations seamlessly by perfectly connecting legacy systems with any modern SaaS applications. HexaSync can help you integrate your Magento 2 and Microsoft Dynamics RMS easily without too much cost and time by providing a set of powerful synchronization handlers, which includes:

  • Catalog Sync
  • Customer Sync
  • Order Sync
  • Stock Sync
  • Slack Report
  • Adjustment Scheduler
  • SQL Custom Query
  • API Custom Query
  • Simplify multi-channel sales with automatic integration. Stop having to maintain Magento and Dynamics RMS independently. HexaSync enables you to automatically send product lists, inventory, prices, and product information to your Magento online stores and automatically enters online orders and customer data into Microsoft Dynamics RMS. This helps merchants reduce labor costs related to managing 2 systems separately and helps improve customer satisfaction allowing you to fulfill web orders without delay.
  • Reach new markets and save time managing your existing sales channels. Beehexa integration platform lets you automatically list and edit products and other online storefronts later.
  • Eliminate double data entry. The integration automatically updates RMS and your online stores with information such as, inventory (quantity) changes, price updates, new orders, and shipping notices.
  • The integration automatically enters matrix items and product variants (such as, colors, sizes, and attributes) from Microsoft Dynamics RMS into your Magento online stores.

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