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Shopify POS integration: 10 best POS systems to integrate

The POS system is important because it collects all your data about sales, inventory, and customers. Thereby, helping you expand your sales on both online and offline channels. It brings all the complicated features that are needed for sales and business management, such as customer management, employee management, or order and inventory management. By leveraging POS software, you can reach more customers and give them a seamless shopping experience. Shopify POS integration is a solution that you might be concerned about when running your business on two systems.


What are the benefits of POS software?

In today’s rapidly developing technology era, traditional management methods are gradually being replaced by software. The reason why many traders switch to using management software is that it not only eliminates complexity but also brings convenience to users.

pos market size
Point of sale (POS) software market revenue worldwide from 2018 to 2027

The development of POS is predicted to be more explosive in the future. According to Statista, the revenue of the POS market will reach 42.5 billion US dollars in six years. 

The benefits deliver an answer to why POS software is becoming more prevalent. 

1. Time-saving

The goods classification function of the POS software will arrange the products with the same attributes, price,… and general group into a category. This makes it easy to manage hundreds of products. At the same time, the search has also become simpler. Instead of having to memorize all the information about each type of item. Using sales software helps you to quickly look up information on each product so that the consultation becomes more effective.

POS software will help you shorten the sales process by just a few simple steps: Select product, and quantity, and click pay. So the software will automatically calculate the total amount of the order and print the invoice, which saves you time. 

2. Manage resources effectively

Sales management software integrates employee management, debt management, employee timekeeping, and month-end salary calculation, etc. With this smart design, store owners can completely measure the productivity of each employee and adjust accordingly.

Besides, the “Financial” feature integrated with the POS software also helps you manage all cash, and bank accounts, perform transfers, and withdraw money between branches or between the cash book and cash register, and bank book in a flexible way. You can hardly miss an expenditure because all transactions are automatically updated in financial statements.

3. Improve business efficiency

shopify pos integration

The benefits of sales management software increasing revenue and sales efficiency. You can create many attractive promotions for many different customer groups: Customers with birthdays in the month, loyal customers who buy many times, customers with high-value orders, etc. Customer care is always the most effective way to help increase revenue fastest.

Besides, the warning feature of goods that are out of stock, or goods that are about to expire, also helps you adjust your sales plan more effectively, avoiding expired inventory or lack of goods.

4. Improve customer service

Using sales management software or POS software, all operations become more professional and faster.

There are promotions suitable for each audience. At the same time, the SMS and email marketing functions will help you send messages to notify people about a promotion or a gift wish for the holidays. Surely these will make customers feel satisfied and impressed with your store, making them want to come back next time.

The POS system is important because it collects all your data about sales, inventory, and customers. Thereby, helping you expand your sales on both online and offline channels. It brings all the complicated features that are needed for sales, and business management, such as customer management, employee management, or order and inventory management. By leveraging POS software, you can reach more customers and give them a seamless shopping experience.

Does Shopify integrate with other POS?

Shopify is one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms where anyone can create an e-commerce website or online store to sell products on the Internet.

Shopify POS integration is an additional function that assists you complete management tasks on one system with ease. Many have not discovered this amazing feature and they suffered from a bulky management process by switching between two platforms. 

shopify pos integration

The importance of having Shopify POS integration

A telling number of 59% of retailers responded to implementing POS software for omnichannel management capabilities (Retail Consulting Partner, 2020). 

For those running an online business on the Shopify eCommerce platform, it is much more vital to have Shopify POS integration. It helps you manage everything from your brick-and-mortar store and online shop on one mobile device. Specifically, you just need to turn on the app to be able to process orders, make payments, swipe credit cards, and issue order receipts to customers.

Hexasync – Solution for Shopify POS integration

hexasync integration platform

Understanding the demand of the majority of business owners, Beehexa thrives to deliver the outstanding service of Shopify POS integration. Beehexa has been supporting thousands of online businesses to relieve their stress. 

Ecommerce Integration is the spreadhead service of Beehexa; which was launched to solve the need of many businesses for lean management. Also,  Beehexa empowers you to maximize time and resources when operating your business. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, money, or expenses on business resources. Since Beehexa provides “Heexasync” as a powerful assistant between Shopify and POS systems it automates the data-sharing process and reduces the possibility of human error. Thus, you can pay more attention to optimizing efficiency and revenue.

Top 10 POS systems work best with Shopify

Magestore POS

Magestore POS

Magestore POS stands out as the ideal choice for eCommerce retailers, such as Shopify, Magento,… aiming to streamline their operations. Its seamless integration with Shopify ensures real-time inventory synchronization and a unified shopping experience across all sales channels. The intuitive interface simplifies transactions, while the platform’s flexibility in payment processing enhances customer convenience. Additionally, Magestore POS’s advanced analytics tools offer deep insights for strategic decision-making. Opting for Magestore POS means optimizing business operations, improving customer satisfaction, and boosting profitability.

Lightspeed POS Shopify Integration

Lightspeed POS system is well known for its user-friendly interface and has various functions to support every type of business industry.  Lightspeed Shopify integration allows you to track sales, manage inventory, and customer data between the two channels without much effort.

Shopify Lightspeed POS Integration

Thanks to Hexasync solution, merchants and companies can leverage all of Lightspeed’s tools and resources to complete business tasks. In other words, Hexasync automatically transfers data between these two platforms. It is capable of handling every kind of data such as Product Category, Stock, Order. Customer, Employee, Invoice, etc. 

Square POS Shopify Integration 

With dedicated solutions for table service, counter service, bar & lounge, coffee shop… Square is a fairly popular POS system in quick-service restaurants. The Square POS system is well known and arguably the easiest-to-use app with plenty of features and a decent support team. Square features custom payment methods, allowing you to connect to a variety of payment methods.


So if you are using the Square system to manage your business, then you can think of integrating Square with the Shopify platform to optimize and unify Online and Offline activities. Similar to Shopify Lightspeed integration, the integration between Square and Shopify will be handled by Beehexa without you having to worry about any technical issues.

Talech POS Shopify Integration 

Talech is a competitor to other popular POS software like Clover and Square.

Shopify Talech Integration

To integrate Talech with Shopify, you also need a good assistant, a middleware that can connect and convert data between the two platforms. The best candidate in the market that might pop into your head could be the software product Hexasync.

Retail Pro Integration 

Retail Pro is another solution for your omnichannel strategy. Retailers need solutions that deliver a consistent shopping experience for customers, from online to in-store, and provide accurate, real-time information on inventory status.

Shopify Retailpro Integration

Retail Pro can also fully integrate with the Shopify eCommerce platform to enhance business management features. Have a look at Beehexa products to get more information.

ShopKeep POS Shopify Integration

Shopkeep POS integration not only improves the shopping experience for your customers but also saves your business time and money.

Shopify Shopkeep POS Integration

It has some useful features for customer management, inventory, eCommerce, security, reporting, and more. For retailers who want the Shopkeep POS system to link with their Shopify online store but have trouble finding a suitable middleware, you can refer to Beehexa’s products.

Revel POS Shopify Integration

POS Revel is a full-featured restaurant POS system for financial management, sales, inventory management, and employees.

Shopify Revel Integration

Unlike some other POS systems, Revel supports a loyalty program and enables delivery services to manage routes with features such as scheduling, dispatch, driver monitoring, and time estimation. delivery time. The company that provides the POS system also offers solutions specifically for bars.

Integrating Revel POS with Shopify is no longer a problem if you contact Beehexa directly and use Hexasync to optimize your business.

Touch Bistro POS Shopify Integration

TouchBistro as a restaurant-specific POS system from the very beginning. Its focus on this industry has earned it a reputation as the best POS system for restaurants.

Shopify Touch Bistro Integration

More than 12,000 restaurants worldwide use TouchBistro software, with their payments processed to date totaling over $6 billion. Its versatile interface and powerful inventory/staff management options make TouchBistro a feature-rich POS system: The company claims more than 200 features are available from the system, including almost everything a restaurant would need.

Vendhq POS Shopify Integration

Vend POS platform can synchronize with the store’s inventory and will report detailed statistics at all times, including quantity changes.

Shopify Vend Integration

With the power of Hexasync, you would be able to synchronize product and inventory data and images between Shopify and Vend. Links allow you to check out your entire store across all channels. Promote your exposure to more potential customers and bring in more revenue from both your brick-and-mortar store and your online store.

Toast POS Shopify Integration 

It combines all the necessary features in one easy-to-understand interface: Sales, payments, inventory, layout management, analytical reports, and loyalty program….

It’s a popular POS app with thousands of happy customers, and it’s like the industry-leading TouchBistro with its high-quality customer service team and intuitive interface.

Shopify Toast Integration

Toast POS Shopify integration process can be done easily with middleware and Beehexa provides you a full service from consultancy to the after-buy stage.  

Why do you have to choose Hexasync?

By choosing Hexasync products, you will be assured of receiving benefits such as:

Furthermore, Beehexa will accompany you to customize every detail within the integration process until a single thing meets your demand. You are going to have excellent customer service, in which you will get support immediately whenever it is needed. 

Not to mention the price plan of Hexasync, is competitive and designed for specific needs. With the right price plan, many customers feel satisfied and this point makes Beehexa stand out from other competitors. 

Final Words

We hope the information on 10 popular POS software that integrates with Shopify will help you have more information to choose between different products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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