Abaha and Beehexa Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement

Abaha and Beehexa Partnership

Beehexa developed the HexaSync Integration Platform to transfer data between different systems seamlessly. HexaSync helps connect modern SaaS applications with legacy systems to automate business operations smoothly, automatically, and effectively. We always look forward to partnering with experts in the enterprise software industry to drive growth for businesses worldwide. 

We are honored to announce the official partnership between Abaha and Beehexa. The partnership integrates the strengths of both parties’ platforms to help merchandisers automate their business processes and run operations efficiently.

Partner Introduction – Abaha Business Mobile App

Abaha – A tech startup that assists organizations to convert traditional business models to branded mobile applications. Our products are packaged based on business models, such as Retail, retail chain, distribution agency, and eCommerce,…  

We provide a solution called “X3 – Innovation ” that helps organizations optimize their businesses with 3 core values:

  •  Increase revenue
  • Cost reduction
  • Optimizing resources

Abaha offers a six-in-one solution for business applications on smartphones, which are: Marketing, Customer Loyalty, Branding, Communication, Growth Hacking, and Automation. With Abaha’s solution, organizations can manage their business effectively and sustainably. 

Abaha operates under the SaaS model and has packaged products that are based on business models such as retail, retail chain, distribution agency, and eCommerce,… All features have been standardized into supermarket modules that can be disassembled and easily upgraded as the business grows.

The current Abaha Partners include Sakuko, Japanese Store, Foodhub, EUS Fruit, 365 Pharmacy, Kim Dong Publishing House, Vntis Beauty, Vietnam NamAmico, and Tmart,…

What can you expect from the Abaha and Beehexa Partnership?

As we mentioned above, Abaha will assist organizations to build a distinctive business brand via user-friendly mobile apps. Beehexa, with a radical knowledge within the integration field, will be a devoted member to support others with related issues through Beehexa’s advanced technology. 

With Abaha and Beehexa Partnership, we will help share valuable knowledge, experience, and technical solutions with the community.

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