CustomPlus Distributing Story

beehexa customplush case study copy 6
beehexa customplush case study copy 6

CustomPlus Distributing Story

About Client 

Custom Plus is a leading distributor of consumer electronics, providing specialty dealers with specialty products since 1989.

Custom Plus Distributing operates on the conviction that we are responsible for maximizing successful marketing and sales for the brands and customers we represent — it is not simply enough to rely on a brand’s name and reputation alone. This means our staff dedicates itself to aligning work with the goals of the manufacturers in all aspects of marketing such as branding, philosophy, and future development goals in the market.

We provide total market coverage through our careful process of segregating dealers and clients by trade classification, then we separate even further into demographics, region, specific needs, and more to ensure that each one of our clients is provided personalized sales and marketing support that aligns with their particular needs.

Pain Point

Bad Magento Enterprise Customization 

  • Using expensive Magento enterprise edition but hired a bad customizing service from the development team 
  • You can imagine, they work with Magento (a powerful eCommerce platform built on Zend Framework) as a plain PHP developer.

Legacy Enspire ERP application technical support

CustomPlus is using a very old application, Enspire ERP. It was not easy to find technical support for such a system, especially for exploring its data and features. 

Custom Integration – Batch Files 

  • Using scheduled bash script for extracting data from MSSQL Enspire DB on Windows to CSV files 
  • Using scheduled bash script to upload from Windows Server to Linux Server via FTP connection.
  • Using scheduled Python scripts to import data into Magento MySQL Database 
  • Do not know WHEN and HOW a bash script running
  • Do not know WHAT happens when a data item is missing
  • Being scared of making a change on the batch files because it may affect the other working parts.

Our Challenges

  • Helping CustomPlus to remove bad scripts in their Magento instance 
  • Enable data integration between Magento Enterprise and Infor Enspire ERP application


  • We enabled a stable Magento Website on CustomPlus – .
  • Replacing batch file integration solution by using HexaSync Integration Platform with a lot of detailed real-time reports.
  • Saving 50 hours updating catalog & stock data to eCommerce website monthly
  • 6M data changes synced by HexaSync

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