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Magento Quick Order

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Quick Overview

B2B business owners have a set of loyal wholesalers who visit their physical/online store frequently and usually buy a certain set of products for their business purposes. Magento quick order extension is built to capture that unique buying behavior of B2B customers/wholesalers, help them save time from browsing the site and easily get the order with large quantity of products ready in just few minutes. There are different ways to approach your B2B customers through this Magento quick order extension – Individualized for a specific user or a Customized product list created by an admin for new users/not-login ones.

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Your target customer is B2B business owners whose demands toward online buying are fast, at ease to use yet advanced. The world is changing everyday, so do the B2B industry. Keep yourself a leader in this competitive e-market by providing a simple and B2B – oriented outstanding feature.



Buying behavior is the most significant aspect that differ people in B2B business world from the others. Unlike retail customers, B2B business owners care about how to get a large and similar quantity of products from their wholesalers in the soonest period of time.

This is when Quick Order Magento Extension shines.

Quick Order Magento Extension allows B2B users to add a massive number of products with a lightning speed by using their own customized product list quickly in CSV file. Or thanks to Ajax suggestion, products needed for your Magento order will be automatically recommended to users by just typing theirs name/SKU numbers.

Fast and flexible could be seen as highlights of this extension. Instead of spending time browsing the site and picking up a large but same quantity of products you choose everyday, B2B customers now can get those things done in just a few clicks generated by Quick Order Magento Extension.


Case1: Product suggestion list for new wholesalers

You as an admin are allowed to choose a set of products that can be used as a product suggestion list to a very new user, who has not purchased any products on your site yet.

By simply clicking on “Quick Order” at Account section, you customer will be able to see the suggestion list you have created.

Quick Order at Account section

Either your suggested list is long or short, it just takes 1 – 2 seconds to add the suggestion list to cart and go to checkout page.

Suggestion list

With regard to a total new B2B customer who has not signed up yet, Quick Order allows he/she to purchase products as a guest as long as required fields are filled in.

After some final common checkout steps. Now your order is ready to go. The whole process has not exceeded 2 minutes.

Case 2: Your wholesalers with their personalized product list

This is where the “Customization” aspect proves how amazing it is.

All customers need to do is preparing a custom-product list in CSV file and upload it on “Quick Order Products” section.

The content in CSV will be saved automatically on “Quick Order” page from now on and your B2B customers can directly go to checkout page by simply click on “Add all the cart”.

csv upload demo

See? Quick Order help the purchasing process of your loyal wholesalers much faster than before regardless how massive theirs number of products in cart is.

Your B2B users can directly upload their CSV file on Quick Order page and add other products, which do not belong to their original Quick Order magento order at the beginning, as well, thanks to Ajax suggestion function. You can read more about this amazing function below.

Highlight function – Magento Order by SKU/products' name

1. Order by SKU from CSV file

The very first step to start using Quick Order extension is preparing a CSV file including a SKU number and expected quantity of each product. Only when those 2 criteria are fulfilled, the file is upload-able to “Quick Order Products” page.

2. Order by SKU from personalized product list using Ajax suggestion

To add some products which do not belong to users’ original Quick Order list, simply type in theirs SKU numbers. Ajax Product Search function will automatically display suggested products and your users can easily choose out the ones they are looking for.

Search by SKU

3. Order by products' name

Simply search a product in personalized form by typing its product name. As easy as pie.


It is impossible to mention all Quick Order's features and its benefits to B2B owners within a description. We hope you have enjoyed this quick look at Quick Order Magento extension. For any questions/consultancy, please feel free to drop us a line here:

Additional Information

Source Magento
Type Extension
Version 3.2.5
Compatibility Note Community Edition 1.9,1.8, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5,,
Demo Link http://m1.demo.beehexa.com/quickorder/
Release Note
  • working with magento 1.9.x.x,1.8.x.x,1.7.x.x, 1.6.x.x,,,
  • update subtotal
  • support csv upload
  • support personalized wholesale list

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  1. Excellent product and support review by Martin on 11/21/2016

    We've used the Quick Order module and it does exactly what it is supposed to. Service is outstanding - the vendor responded quickly to troubleshooting requests and even for minor changes to the functionality. We were impressed.

  2. Excellent Extension with even better support! review by VariuxDavid on 10/19/2016

    Ever since the first day that I purchased and installed the Quick Order module I have been impressed. It works very fast without causing any complications or performance issues with Magento. Many of my customers have started using this extension as they are B2B customers and this is the easiest way for their orders to place orders quickly.

    The support has been excellent. George has updated the code frequently to make enhancements and bug fixes, and each time he has delivered the updates in a timely manner. I'm very happy with my purchase and plan to work with this developer for a long time!

  3. [email protected] review by oliver on 1/27/2014

    Well thought through extension with nice features and perfect after sales service.

  4. [email protected] review by rick on 11/4/2013

    Excellent product and service. This was exactly what I needed and was looking for and it worked very good. They were quick to install it for me and affordable and quick to perform custom programming work for me for my product.

  5. [email protected] review by lenny on 10/31/2013

    Exceptional Support! Purchased the extension with installation service and the support team not only helped us to modify the extension to work with extensions from 3rd party vendors, but also added some additional functions we require without additional charge. Really impressed, will contract them to develop custom modules in the future. Thanks GuruTheme.

  6. [email protected] review by jeff on 9/23/2013

    This product is a fantastic piece of software, and highly recommended.

    We have organic internet simple / configurable products extension also running on our website, and we managed to get these two extensions working together.

    This wouldn't have been possible without extremely helpful Phan Vu Giap, who i have to say was fantastic and couldn't have provided any better professional support with us to modify the extension to work with SCP and our product data.

    Thank you again.

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