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wix vs bigcommerce

Wix vs BigCommerce 2024: Which is the Better Platform

Wix and BigCommerce are two of the reputable website builder service providers nowadays. Getting so many rumors and information surrounding that make you confused and do not know what to choose among the two. Wix vs BigCommerce comparison will partly solve your concerns.

What can you expect from Wix and BigCommerce website builder, lets have further read in this article.

Wix vs BigCommerce: An Overview

What is Wix? is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. It is an Israel-based website builder company that allows you to create a website for free. You are able to get started with a beautiful mobile-optimized template and get everything you need to run your business online. Features include free multilingual fonts, 1000 free images, more than 100 apps, and plug-ins, multiple payment methods, or a customizable online store, and many more. More interesting information about Wix is presented in “Everything you need to know about Wix 2021” that you might concern. 

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce was founded in Australia, it is a SaaS eCommerce platform that allows you to create an online store using a drag-and-drop design, with hundreds of apps and integrations. Bigcommerce offers e-commerce software for small and medium-sized businesses complete with all the tools needed to set up and run a successful online store. It has everything you need to grow your eCommerce site.

wix vs bigcommerce

The market share between Bigcommerce vs Wix

As we see in the chart, which gathered data globally in the past year; the popularity of the two website builders is dramatically different. While the interest rate of Wix (the blue line) is reaching the point of 84, that of BigCommerce only witnesses 5 points. It is implied that Wix is more well-known than BigCommerce.

quaAFSezc1rTbcNnA1punbwbUsKNbb2ytlZjpiAlLHQCOl49jIH7F5kRIlB8TkZLYiyPcElGEH5F9h8nrU28JkIFZ40a8DcEJspMhI3aUYyIvlrJME7XGGjSpoFu7DW2swyaq9NJSource: Google Trend

This graph shows the growth of BigCommerce vs Wix eCommerce since July 2020. Besides, according to Wappanalyzer, the following graph shows the growth of BigCommerce versus Wix eCommerce since July 2020. It is clear that the numbers of live websites and the traffic websites of the Wix platform are more outstanding than BigCommerce.

market share wix vs bigcommerce

Source: Wappanalyzer

Wix vs BigCommerce: What Makes the Difference?

Wix vs BigCommerce, which outweighs one another? This section will make a deeper analysis of different aspects of the two platforms.


Price is the first important point that we pay attention to when weighing the difference between two suppliers. Both BigCommerce and Wix design diverse pricing plans, catering to different customer needs. Therefore, you can easily choose the pricing plans that are best suitable for you. 


BigCommerce website builder charges slightly higher than Wix, with starting prices at around $29.95 per month if you pay monthly. You can experience the free trial for 15 days before deciding to buy and use it in the long run. With these pricing plans, you will have no additional transaction fees, unlimited products, file storage, and bandwidth and staff accounts. 

The additional benefits it brings for each plan are:

Standard – $29.95 per monthOnline payment gateway integrations, special credit card rates, single page checkouts, POS integration, marketplace integrations, HTTP, and dedicated SSL, shipping quotes, discount rules, and coupons, and product ratings.
Plus – $79.95 per monthAll the features of Standard plus Google customer reviews, Custom product filtering
Pro – $299.95 per monthAll the features of standard and plus package plus Google customer reviews, Custom product filtering, Unlimited API CallsAPI support, Express routing, priority support, and customer success management are available


Wix eCommerce pricing has 3 plans for building an eCommerce store, which starts at $23 per month and goes as high as $49 per month. This pricing plan is best for large and medium-sized businesses that have a demand in trading online. Common features that are accessible in those plans include Online payments, Plans & recurring payments, Customer accounts, Custom domain, Free domain for 1 year, Remove, Wix ads, and unlimited Bandwidth

Moreover, with each price, you will receive distinct benefits as follows:

Basic $17/ month Storage space: 20GB, Video Hours: 5
Unlimited – $27 per monthStorage space: 35GB, Video Hours: 10
VIP – $35 per monthStorage space: 50GB, Video Hours: Unlimited, Customized Report allowance, Priority customer care. 

For a regular website purpose, Wix payment fees are also divided into 3 different pricing packages, ranging from $8 to $24. With the higher fee, the higher support, and features that you will have.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that all the Wix store pricing includes VAT. You can start with the lowest plan and then upgrade once you find it operating well.

Ease of Use


Wix is rated by users as having a higher level of ease of use than BigCommerce. It’s simple from the registration process to the creation and development of the website. Wix has an intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand interface, and a drag-and-drop editor ensures the most convenient web building experience. Overall, building a website with Wix is ​​simple, fast, and the results won’t let you down.


bigcommerce website builder

More than a website builder, BigCommerce is also an acquired reputation for providing eCommerce features area.

BigCommerce is mainly aimed at customers who need to use online sales websites. Therefore, BigCommerce focus on developing sales and management features on the e-commerce channel. As a result, the website building process requires more steps than a platform designed for beginners.

That’s not to say that the Bigcommerce website builder isn’t user-friendly, or overly complicated. It will probably just take you longer to discover the basics of the system. Especially if this is your first time using Bigcommerce, you should read the instructions for creating a website from the documentation provided by the company, get support via email, phone and live chat, etc. there is an extensive forum with lots of branches and topics that deal with the flexible aspects of working with the system.

In summary, Wix is a simpler and more user-friendly website creating than BigCommerce. The system has everything customers need to start and manage the quality of their website, regardless of their coding skills or web design expertise.

The following is a rating of the ease of use between the two platforms collected from different review sites.

Review RatesWixBigcommerce
Software advice54.5



wix themes

Wix is ​​famous for its professional, eye-catching themes that are completely free. These designs are divided according to the needs of use and the industry in which you do business. You can consult a lot of options, and have the right to preview the finished product before making the final choice.

One of the most prominent is the Wix ADI engine, integrated and developed by Artificial Design Intelligence. It allows you to start/manage quality web stores, even if you have no programming knowledge.


bigcomerce website builder

BigCommerce has a set of 106 themes, of which only 7 are free. The rest, you have to pay if you choose topics outside of the 7 free themes. Costs for designs range from $145 to $235.

If you are not satisfied with the available templates, you can purchase another theme from one of the services that BigCommerce partners. You will have a wider selection, while the quality is also at a high level.

To sum up, when comparing Wix and Bigcommerce in terms of design themes, Wix’s collection of eCommerce templates dominates. BigCommerce web design also allows customers to access different themes, but not as rich and professional as Wix.

Apps & Plugins

Both Wix and Bigcommerce provide multiple apps and plugins, for users to customize to whatever extent that they require. However, the apps and third-party integrations from the Wix app marketplace are more impressive than that of BigCommerce. There are a variety of great apps to choose from in the apps market and also the tools implementation process is extremely easy.

Regarding the BigСommerce app store, you can connect your web store with more than 600 add-ons and extensions. For example, you can connect your online store to social media as well as popular markets and specialized platforms. The following include Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and more. However, it is quite limited when it comes to integration issues. If you want to choose to connect with a third party that is not on Bigcommerce’s recommended list, you will not be fully supported. Thus, BigCommerce is somewhat behind Wix in this regard.

One solution for those who are using Bigcommerce and facing integration problems is to use Hexasync. Hexasync is a middleware between two different platforms, helping to synchronize data quickly in real-time and with high accuracy. Since it will be difficult for you to do the integration yourself, it is absolutely necessary to use reputable middleware.

eCommerce Features

Both the Wix and BigCommerce platforms are great providers for online store building services. In addition to the intuitive website builder, Wix and BigCommerce also facilitate online businesses with various supporting features. However, the two are a little different.

shopping cart


In particular, Wix is ​​a platform that appeals to small companies that are in the growing phase. Therefore, e-commerce features are often simple and easy to use for users. Some of Wix’s e-commerce functions include the option to track orders, set shipping costs, track tax costs, have multiple payment providers, able to manage multi-channel 

In addition, you will also get various solutions to help grow your business, such as SEO components and advertising tools. You can even set up your own email marketing campaigns. A plus point is that Wix has a great marketplace for adding more functionality to stores. While some apps are free, others will cost you a considerable amount more.


Whereas BigCommerce is more of a platform for larger businesses, the accompanying features are also more advanced. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, BigCommerce thrives to give their customer everything that could possibly need to manage a business in one place. Moreover, you can exploit the advantages of its functions too. You can drive more traffic to your website with a range of business support features include; some of which are not available on the Wix platform. 

  • CRM features
  • Multi-Channel Marketing4
  • Promotions Management
  • Returns Management
  • Reviews Management
  • SEO Management
  • Integration with famous POS software like Clover and Square
  • Inventory management tool
  • Invoice management, shipping providers and flexible payment gateway support

Payment Gateways


Wix proposes three payment methods: Paypal, offline payment, and Wix credit card payment. The good point is there is no extra fee required for each transaction like other platforms. There are some downsides with regard to Wix’s payment gateways, the customer support is limited. It is only available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Monday-Friday from 5am -5 pm. Plus, inflexible time set up is another con about Wix payment, you must complete the setup process within 30 days of receiving your first payment. If later than that time, the payments you received during that time will be refunded to your customer.


You will get various payment gateways and dedicated support from BigCommerce. You will be able to use online and offline payment methods. PayPal is integrated and BigCommerce accepts online credit card payments with 2Checkout,, and some more. Like Wix, a great benefit from BigCommerce is that they won’t charge transaction fees. The Bigcommerce Payment article would help you have a broad view of the pros and cons, set up a method of BigCommerce.



In terms of SEO, Wix provides good options, you are able to customize the content on different pages, from the titles, meta-description, URLs. You also have search engine instruction, google analytics, and good console options.

Although almost all SEO options are accessible, the quality when used is not as good as expected. For example, poor on-page optimization, some reported that the “alt tags”, “URLs”,” title tags”,… were not possible. Receiving bad feedback from customers, Wix has put much effort into making their SEO features. In 2021, it’s worth mentioning that Google, stated by John Mueller – a senior employee that has announced that “WIX websites work fine in search”. Generally, Wix offers all the basic SEO functions that a regular website needs. However, it is not highly recommended for strong SEO competition.

bigcommerce seo


In contrast to Wix, BigCommerce has wonderful SEO support. It is equipped with all the necessary functions for your website to rank on top. Those functions cover customized metadata, image alt tags, mobile optimization, keyword support, 301 redirects. All the functions are approachable in all pricing plans and work sleekly on the pages. The exceptions are Google customer reviews, custom SSL, and product filtering only provided for  the Pro plan; which cost $249.95 per month

Additionally, BigCommerce has tons of built-in SEO features that can be applied to your own online store. For instance, BigCommerce has its own built-in analytics. This gives you a clear breakdown of all the key metrics to consider when tracking performance levels. Thus, it is good for keeping an eye on sales figures, visitor count, and how people are coming to your site (search, direct, social media, etc).


Security is done very well by both Wix and BigCommerce.

Specifically, the Wix security feature uses free SSL and HTTPS encryption for the websites it’s built on. These are some of the most basic levels of security available. Wix also uses HTTPS security to encrypt data and information flow on the website. Normally, you need to visit the HTML or store code to enable SSL security, thanks to the support, Wix will do this for you automatically.

BigCommerce uses PCI DSS certificates to enhance the protection of its customers’ websites. This certificate is automatically applied to your store on all pricing plans. In addition, Similar to Wix, BigCommerce also offers a free SSL certificate to protect customers’ data. You can take extra security measures by integrating third-party software in BigCommerce’s apps market.


For Wix, you’ll be provided with plenty of website design documentation, various tooltips available to assist with things like creating a domain name, linking your store to online payment gateways, …

Alternatively, you can get help over the phone, email, live chat support, and tickets. With ticket support, you are allowed to submit a support ticket, and if you’re a paying subscriber, you can push your ticket closer to the top of the queue.

About BigCommerce, it also offers the same support channels as Wix such as a live chat option and 24/7 phone guidance, a huge knowledge base, and a large customer community forum for Q&A. However, unlike satisfied feedback about customer service from users consuming Wix, some reviewers reported that they are unhappy with untimely responses from the BigCommerce team. 

Wix vs BigCommerce: Which is Ideal for your Business?

wix vs bigcommerce

Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is not an optimal choice for all audiences. Depending on your economic conditions and usage needs, you should choose a platform that has additional features to serve your needs more than the other one. 

BigCommerce is more inclined to customers who have business-based purposes like merchants, business managers, store owners, dropshippers than those who simply want to create a website for blogging. It provides full-featured for selling online with access to various tools for business development, omnichannel sales management. 

Meanwhile, Wix is for people who want to create a beautiful website, without requiring complicated builder operations, like photographers, bloggers, knowledge sharers, and more. Plus, it is more affordable than BigCommerce, and AI solutions are built-in to help you build the perfect website. It is the most suitable choice for those who are just starting to build their own website.

While Wix still has a plan for those who want to build online stores, it’s not as professional as Bigcommerce. Wix’s simplicity and flexibility make it one of the top choices when choosing between others.

Final Words

In conclusion, if you’re looking for simplicity and flexibility to help you build a store quickly, then Wix is ​​a great choice. Whereas BigCommerce website builder isn’t as simple as Wix for starters, but it brings lots of valuable functions. If you are building a website for a large business that has a fast-growing speed then BigCommerce gives you plenty of powerful tools to develop.

Hopefully, this comparison article of “Wix vs BigCommerce” will provide a lot of valuable information to help you have an overview of these two platforms.

If you have any questions about Wix and BigCommerce integrations, please contact us for complete advice and support.

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