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The Growing Popularity of Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise2024

In the last few years, we have seen eCommerce platforms’ rapid and competitive growth. The number of providers increases rapidly, but the “big guys” battle still revolves. Shopify and BigCommerce are two of the eCommerce platforms with a large share of the market. They have various plans that offer more advanced for different businesses. However, Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise has created a strong rivalry.

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise – Popularity

You will realize that both platforms have many competitive advantages from an over-look at Shopify Reviews and BigCommerce Reviews. The competition increases when they launch the latest plan – Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise. Those versions are designed for enterprise-class brands that have a large volume of transactions on eCommerce platforms.

Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are focused on providing value to customers through every customization on the sales page, based on the brand’s wishes that can be severed. Moreover, the advanced support functions built into the package will help complete your sales process and grow your brand.

If you are still deciding between Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise, the objective perspective from this article will help you.

Shopify Plus 

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus has grown with the rapid growth of the Shopify eCommerce platform in recent years. It is getting more and more trust from top brands in the world.

After the cooperation with a series of big brands such as Tesla, Nestle, Budweiser, etc, and most recently, Kylie Cosmetics. This has become a driving force for Shopify Plus’s growing reputation.

With its powerful sales ecosystem, Shopify Plus is confident to be one of the leading SaaS-based eCommerce platforms today. Shopify Plus stands out more from providing a platform for B2C eCommerce businesses. Also, it has good support for B2B businesses.

BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce Enterprise develops itself towards a user-friendly platform. The platform empowers its users more in development tasks and custom changes. Besides, it provides more customization features for the third-party service provider.

Moreover, BigCommerce has stood out for offering an eCommerce platform in the B2B space. This is an area of their rapid growth. The development of BigCommerce Enterprise penetrates deeper into the B2C market.

Market Share

When analyzing the global eCommerce platform market share, Shopify holds more than BigCommerce. According to Builtwith, the Shopify share is 20%, with over 1000,000 businesses over the world. As specified by the full-year 2020 financial results of Shopify, the total revenue was $2,929,5 million. Additionally, the BigCommerce share is 1.24% with more than 35,000 companies. BigCommerce Third Quater Financial Results showed the total revenue is $43,1 million.

Shopify vs BigCommerce Market Share

Google Trend

Take a look at Google Trend results of BigCommerce and Shopify. It is an obvious fact that Shopify prevails in every way. According to the comparison, the average percent of interest over time of Shopify is 49. Meanwhile, BigCommerce only has 2 percent. Moreover, Shopify’s coverage has been covered in almost all regions, but BigCommerce has only appeared in the US.

Shopify vs BigCommerce Google Trends

Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Pros & Cons

Working with Shopify Plus, you will have more opportunities to develop your business. It provides many features such as automation, control, and customization. Do you know how to start an online store with Shopify? It’s so simple to create and sell your product on Shopify effectively. Selling on all Shopify plans, especially Shopify Plus, you will have well-experienced. Come with us to learn more about it.

Shopify Plus Pros


      • Your website may be scaled up as a master, you will not be concerned about technical knowledge.

      • Also, your website will run smoothly for hundreds of thousands of visitors.

      • The price of Shopify Plus is affordable and constant. It starts at around $2000 per month.

      • Shopify provides various technology partners and app ecosystems for improving your store.

      • High-quality customer support and account management.

    Shopify Plus Cons


        • The limited back-end customization is causing inflexibility on the front-end. The brands that use a specific inventory or fulfillment provider will be affected.

        • The Content Management System is may not enough for you to publish the rich content.

        • Since it is a hosted platform, you don’t have direct access when you want to back and move to another company.

        • Shopify plus needs high expertise to apply.

        • Shopify Payment Gateways are not available in every country and you might have to charge refund fees.

        • The store owners can not manage multi-brand setups and international setups because Shopify Plus lacks multi-store architecture.

      Although BigCommerce Market Share is less than Shopify, it has various unique benefits for you. Learn more about this platform; you can know how to launch a BigCommerce store. Building and selling on it, you will gain more opportunities to increase revenue. Scroll down to detail BigCommerce Enterprise’s pros and cons.

      BigCommerce Enterprise Pros


          • Your web store can run effectively because BigCommerce makes sure the reliable uptime. It will handle all upgrades and troubleshooting issues.

          • Your visitors can convert your customers due to BigCommerce conversions.

          • You always have all your requirements responded to by the support team. They are available 24/7.

          • BigCommerce Enterprise provides a lot of advanced SEO features for your store.

          • With up to 600 variants and 250 values, you can display your products in various options.

        BigCommerce Enterprise Cons


            • When you have transactions through Paypal, you have to be charged $30 per month.

            • You have full access to web development, so BigCommerce technical team is difficult to solve the coding problems.

            • BigCommerce App Marketplace is smaller than Shopify Store.

          Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Pricing

          Both Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise platforms are customized product packages. These are tailored to the needs and size of the business. Therefore, these platforms do not have a fixed and exact public price.

          The cost depends on what you want to add to the service and what these two eCommerce platforms offer you. However, the starting prices of Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise are different. Let’s take an overlook at each to consider a better one.

          Shopify Plus Pricing

          With Shopify Plus, the starting price announced from Shopify is $2,000. Remember that it’s the only initial cost; you may pay extra fees based on your requirements.

          For more complex, higher-volume business structures, etc these costs will be discussed between the two parties and added dynamically.

          Shopify Plus users can create other online stores with different currencies as well as languages. Naturally, this also creates an extra cost of $250 per sub-store per month.

          Besides, the Shopify Payment gateways allow accepting several types of payment methods. And it has no charge fees when you conduct the transaction via Shopify Payment. If you don’t choose it, Shopify offers a large number of the payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay, Amazon Pay, etc. Nevertheless, you have to pay an extra fee for each transaction.

          BigCommerce Enterprise Pricing

          BigCommerce Enterprise offers an upgraded eCommerce platform for businesses. Starting an online store with an initial cost of about $1,500. The extra fees are based on the average order value and the average number of processed orders per month.

          Interestingly, BigCommerce often claims that they have better prices than Shopify. Because BigCommerce Enterprise offers many essential standard functions in its package. It can be seen as a reason the cost level drops as customers spend less to expand the platform.

          Different from Shopify, BigCommerce doesn’t have its Payment Gateway. It only connects your store with the Merchant Service Provider. Through it, you can choose the suitable Payment Gateway. When you conduct the transactions, it will not charge any extra fee. There are 65 BigCommerce payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Square, etc.

          Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: B2B Features

          The demands of B2B customers are increasing rapidly. Thus, your store wants to close to them, having a good eCommerce platform is your solution. Both BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus have different advantages to support you.

          Shopify Plus B2B Features

          Enhance the VIP buyer experience

          Shopify Plus gives B2B customers the best buying experience. This platform personalizes each order by providing the service based on customer expectations. It includes designing unique custom pages for customer inquiries, consultations, or purchases.

          Reduce operating costs

          This eCommerce platform helps in automating the communication process with B2B customers. This sales page is capable of bulk pricing according to established information. The automatically set discounts and pricing based on quantity will save your time.

          Optimize store management

          With Shopify Plus, you can manage the B2B orders, inventory as well as customers in one place. It’s a simple way to control the entire order activity, buying process, and customer information.

          Point of sale

          Moreover, your store can connect with the transactions in-store and online. In addition, you can make a simple checkout in-store with Shopify POS. Having a deep look at Shopify point of sale reviews, you can know more benefits when using it.

          BigCommerce Enterprise B2B Features

          Empower sales teams

          With reliable uptime, the speed of transaction processors is breakneck. Your customers will have perfect experiences when shopping in your store. BigCommerce ensures that your store is rarely going down. Because they keep your eCommerce engine running, giving you the competitive edge.

          Like Shopify Plus, the sales representatives can create custom quotes and discounts. In this way, it will support the owner store in their business.

          Decrease friction in the path to purchase

          The purchase friction is the disruptions to your customers when they shop. It may include lengthy checkout processes, unexpected costs, lack of preferred payment options, or more. These obstacles affect not only your customer loyalty but also your business.

          However, BigCommerce can support you with this problem. They offer advanced payment options, allowing customers to buy their way. BigCommerce Enterprise has a lot of features that keep customers. It will help them reduce the problem they may face when making a purchasing decision.

          Modify the customer experience

          BigCommerce Enterprise focuses on meeting the needs of B2B customers. Their purposes are attracting new buyers, building loyalty, and keeping existing customers.

          Shopify Connector and Profile arrow BigCommerce
          Shopify Bigcommerce Integration
          Shopify Connector and Profile arrow Wix eCommerce
          Shopify Wix Integration
          Shopify Connector and Profile arrow WooCommerce
          Shopify Woocommerce Integration

          Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: SEO Marketing

          Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tool that supports your website ranking on top. In other words, your store or your products may be shown up through online search results via keywords. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise offer different SEO options for your store.

          Shopify Plus SEO Marketing

          Sell on Shopify Plus; your store will get more benefits because of its SEO features. This version comes with good optimization; your website will rank higher. With Shopify Plus SEO features, your store can thrive in a competitive market.

          From the Shopify App Store, you can see the treasure of SEO tools for your website. Choosing the suitable Plugin will support you increase the speed of your journey to success. On the other hand, Shopify Plus has some limitations of SEO.

          Shopify App Store

          The filter pages or layered navigation of Shopify Plus are only applied at a simple level. Moreover, when you have two or more stores, Shopify Plus doesn’t help you to manage them in one place. Besides, Shopify Plus has tons of apps for applying redirects quickly. But with the rule-based redirects, you have to apply this rule in Excel and then upload it via a CSV file.

          Besides, Shopify Plus doesn’t support you to communicate between multistore. Hence, if you have a second store selling the same products with currency differences, you will be faced problems. Because you can’t use the hreflang to connect two stores. The hreflang is a simple HTML attribute to change the language and geography. To understand simply, you create the second store to serve Indian people, so this store is only shown up in the Indian search result. In this way, Google will allow you to activate it and sell products to your customers.

          That doesn’t mean that the Shopify SEO features are too bad. It still allows you to edit meta tags or optimize your inventory as well as your product page. Also, it supports you to sell on multi sales channels. Moreover, your store traffic can grow organically, and more benefits of Shopify Plus SEO.

          BigCommerce Enterprise SEO Marketing

          Compared with Shopify Plus, the SEO of BigCommerce Enterprise is more vital. It provides you with all the essential functionalities. With BigCommerce SEO features, you can directly input your page title and meta descriptions. In addition, each of your product images can add the alt tag on the search engine. Moreover, unlike Shopify Plus redirects, BigCommerce Enterprise can support you by updating all types of URLs.

          BigCommerce Apps Marketplace

          There are lots of SEO tips to improve your BigCommerce Store. You can drive more organic traffic to your store online by planning the link building. Combining your SEO strategies with the social media marketing plan to get more engagement and bring new traffic to your store. Moreover, your website may rank higher by having a strong technical SEO. It will improve your customer’s experience.

          Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Support & Community

          Both of BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus provide advanced support for you. The problems you encounter will usually be answered directly in the shortest time.

          Nonetheless, the reviews of the product and the platform in the general community are concerned.

          Shopify Plus Support & Community

          shopify community

          Shopify has successfully built its user community called Shopify Community. This is one of the largest and most active online communities. Shopify Community so far has nearly 900,000 members and more than 1,000,000 posts about Shopify issues.

          Not only that, Shopify Help Center can support you with knowledge related to online store operation on this platform. You can find solutions for your business problems. If nothing exists, you can work with Shopify admin to require the support.

          This is a perfect place for providing users a place to exchange, share and update the latest information. Most of the issues that users share on this community get answers and support from Shopify’s official admins.

          BigCommerce Enterprise Support & Community

          BigCommerce community

          BigCommerce Community also focuses on discussing user problems in using this eCommerce platform. It has a smaller membership than Shopify Plus, with over 130,000 members. BigCommerce Community brings many high-quality, reference, and learning posts to users. It also gets support and prompt responses from BigCommerce.

          Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Apps & Themes

          Shopify Plus Apps & Themes

          With the support from Shopify, Shopify Plus has a store with thousands of applications. This kind of platform launches several Shopify Apps to increase sales. This is a point that helps Shopify Plus to be rated higher than BigCommerce Enterprise.

          shopify app store

          Shopify App Store provides most of what users need in-store building, sales – marketing, store design, sourcing, etc. You need to choose the suitable Shopify Apps and Shopify Themes to get started. There are both free and paid apps. With the paid apps, you will have trial days to experience before making a choice.

          BigCommerce Enterprise Apps & Themes

          Unlike Shopify, BigCommerce doesn’t have a huge application store. But it has different BigCommerce Stencil Themes and BigComerce Apps for your user experiences. Over 90% of the BigCommerce platform is exposed to API. You can extend the platform to do what you need.

          BigCommerce Enterprise allows users to connect to other systems than Shopify Plus easily. Users have the freedom to run multi-stores simultaneously across different front-end solutions.

          BigCommerce Apps Marketplace

          Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Integration

          If you have two or more stores or you want to connect with the inventory system, integration is the good solution for you. It’s a necessary practice to connect your data system in real-time as well as manage them in one place, whereas integration needs technical knowledge. Therefore, you should find quality integration providers if you don’t have developers.

          Shopify Plus Integration

          Shopify Plus will support you in synchronizing with ERP & WMS systems, Marketing Platforms. Integrations with Shopify are a good solution for your core systems. It will give you the power to automate business processes.

          The integrated process such as Shopify ERP, Shopify CRM, Shopify API, Shopify POS, and more. All these practices are easy when you work with your Shopify Partner.

          BigCommerce Enterprise Integration

          Integrations with BigCommerce are stronger than Shopify. It has a list of partners with hundreds of integrations from ERP, accounting, tax, POS to marketing tools, and Google Shopping.

          In addition, it is not a big deal if the user does not own the software in the available list. BigCommerce offers unlimited API calls. They will support the greatest users in expanding and developing their businesses.

          Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce Enterprise: Which One is Suitable for your Business?

          In summary, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are both top eCommerce platforms.

          Shopify Plus has a full sales ecosystem that is easy to set up and use for any store owner. However, Shopify Plus still does not support some countries, which impacts the setup and payment process. BigCommerce Enterprise is more open to all third-party software vendors and partners. In contrast, this can create a certain technical complexity for some users.

          Hopefully, you can find a good platform between BigCommerce vs Shopify. Otherwise, we have a comparison post related to Shopify and Magento; you can refer to many articles before choosing the best platform for your business.

          Moreover, if you are concerned about the eCommerce integration solution, please contact us. Our Hexasync is an integration platform that acts as a middleware, helping your business automate your operations seamlessly by connecting to both your legacy system and your modern SaaS applications. It can help you automate and synchronize your business. We will produce a detailed demo depending on your requirements.

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